1. Oh, I love that photo of the two dogs together. WONDERFUL!!!

    Ha: Word verification = poxidodl

    A poxidodl on both their houses!

    (Not the dogs, of course. Pick any villain you like.)

  2. Such wonderful dogs! Thanks for the pictures!

    MP, I hope it warms up over there soon. The dogs don’t seem to mind the snow, but I think you do.

  3. I’m a bit envious. Looks like a proper Winter over there, very picturesque For the rest of the week in Dallas, it’ll get up to the mid-60’s during the day (65° F = a bit over 18° C)

  4. The birdies on the Regent’s Canal near to where I work are not enjoying this big freeze at all.

    wv – noidea – blogger has taken a leaf out of MP’s book and is insulting me!

  5. And you’re a photographer!

    No. These are Mrs MP’s photos. My hands shake too much. I just do the cropping and touching up on iPhoto and when we are out together I tell Mrs MP what will make a good picture, and where to stand, and what to get in the viewfinder. For some strange reason she doesn’t appreciate this even though she is just a woman and so couldn’t possibly know the technical side of things.

  6. Delphi has the face w/ the pure white, Glenna w/ the speckled, right?

    Dogs were made to romp!

  7. Snow is definitely inconvenient, but only occurs once a century down south in TX. The last time was in 2004 on Christmas Eve, which was quite amazing. The pictures of your dogs are wonderful.