From an email sent by our very good friend, Susie Sue:

"It makes me wish I had heard it 20 years ago in the days when I was more in control of my vibrato."

This is a common problem among more mature women and one that must be taken seriously. An out-of-control vibrato can cause permanent injury.


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  1. I feel I have now made it in blogdom! I can add being quoted by you to the time I made it into Herb Caen’s gossipy column in the San Francisco Chronicle, back when he and that newspaper were still alive.

    Of course you only quoted me because you had a good comeback. And so did Herb. . . T’was ever thus.

  2. And just so you will believe me. . .”Susan Hedges is back from a visit to her family in Tennessee with a clipping of an S.F. travel piece in the Nashville Tennessean that says, en passant, that `Moose’s is a North Beach brassiere that’s a real “in spot for people-watching.’ Watching for what’s in the brasserie to pop out, or what?”

    I was so thrilled! And it’s archived, so I could actually find it!

  3. Seriously? or are you still being silly? Yes, I was very in control of my vibrato. I still sing pretty well, I just don’t sound like I did in when I was in my 30s – 50s.

  4. (Susan S, I was just carrying on with Mad Priest’s naughty pun – I was definitely not suggesting anything serious about your singing.)

  5. I’m just not in the mood today.

    Oh, you do tempt me, Susie Sue. But in the interests of world peace and for the safety of anybody standing close to you, I will resist.

  6. Thank you, MP. I realized after I hit the ‘publish’ button that I had set myself up for yet another of your bits of wit, but it was too late.

    I am appreciative of your restraint.

  7. I am appreciative of your restraint.

    I can appreciate that. Although I’ve never possessed a vibrato, even when I was a boy treble, I have never been averse to a bit of restraint.