From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

The Swedish consumer ombudsman has won a case against L'Oréal Sweden, which means that firm has to provide proof in order to claim in advertising that its face creams can reduce or remove wrinkles.

"The verdict is a great success and a guide for all companies that market beauty creams. It has now become clearer what one cannot claim either in writing or through images in advertising," Agneta Broberg, deputy consumer ombudsman said in a statement on Wednesday.

In addition, the court said it would fine L'Oréal Sweden 1 million kronor ($143,000) if it does not comply with the ruling and ordered L'Oréal to pay 226,400 kronor in KO's legal costs, of which 181,400 kronor concerned fees, in addition to interest from the date of the verdict until payment is made.


IS IT REALLY "WORTH IT" — 15 Comments

  1. Maybe L’Oreal should try claiming their products can make people as cute as those two dawgs.

    That would be a lie too though, sadly.

  2. You are an extremely bad man and I am handing you over to KJ at his gruffest and in his tightest pair of leather trousers for your no doubt suitably severe punishment for that one 🙂

  3. On second thoughts, you’d probably enjoy that, and in any case as a punishment it is nowhere near severe enough. Prepare to be very, very afraid: I am handing you over to Mimi.

  4. JCF, you’re so sweet. It’s OK though – I’m never going to be as wrinkly as a shar pei unless I take up Mad Priest’s manner of life. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t gratefully accept your offer anyway! 😉

  5. You cheeky slanderous bastard!

    I may have to call on KJ and Mimi to work you over at the same time. I’m sure they won’t mind 🙂

  6. Ah, one of your well-concealed “compliments”. Of course it is 🙂

    Anyway, KJ and Mimi make a fine team. You’ll be in safe hands. Their care is always exemplary, or so I hear. I shall ask them to pay extra special attention.

  7. I can just see that team effort now, KJ pummeling MP with the cushy pillows of the Anglican Inquisition and Abuela Mimi standing beside him jabbing needles into a strangely familiar rag doll.

    I am snickering already just seeing it in my mind’s eye.