Our occasional feature dedicated to the discovery of potential babelicious bishops began shortly after the launching of OCICBW... at the time when the campaign for women bishops in the Church of England first reached General Synod. It was our contention that the reactionary, old, heterosexual, male farts in the English church, previously insistent on women having no higher authority in the church than choosing the flowers for the sanctuary and the brand of coffee for the parish breakfast, would be persuaded from their misogynistic views if the first batch of female bishops were to be chosen for their drop dead gorgeous looks rather than any skill based attributes they might possess.

We had some cracking entries. Many of the young, female priests we featured have gone on to do very well on X-Factor and appear regularly in "Hello Magazine." However, none as yet have become bishops. So, it is time to up the ante and I believe I have discovered the New Face Of Babelicious Bishopness.

The following photographs were posted

I have no idea who this young priest is but, my goodness, she scrubs up nicely. In fact, she reminds me of a (much) younger Elizabeth Kaeton (and I mean that as a compliment). If this is the future of the feminisation of the Anglican Communion, Mad Priest says BRING IT ON!!!

If it is possible please would the Canadians send the lady concerned, DHL courier service, to England straight away so that I can parade her before General Synod this week. If she could have her "What I will do if I win this competition" speech ready, already, that would be a big help.



  1. I’ll note again, MP, how well I think you would fit-in in Canuckland * (this B-potential-B being just One More Incentive!).

    * Then again, so would I. And as far as WHERE, precisely, I could fit-in, I’ve got some (blue) thoughts… ;-X

    [Seriously, I say this apropos (again) health insurance. My (90 year-old) father AGAIN suggested I “get Medicare.” Dad, just because you’ve been eligible for it for nearly 30 years, you don’t get that I CAN’T get it for something like another 15 or more!!! :-0 For now, the great U.S. “Health Care Reform Bill of 2010” at this time really does precisely nothing for me. (Sigh)]

  2. Fr. Childs does have the advantage of being more – much more – than a pretty face. That said, yes, her face is quite pretty. (So much so that my seminary grades jumped a few percentage points when she graduated a couple years before me.) For extra cool-factor, she’s a goth girl who dyes her hair to match the liturgical colour of the season. In these pictures, taken Nov. 22, it appears she’d let it wash out in preparation for a new colour. By this evening I’m sure it is blue or violet, depending on what sort of hangings St. John’s Weston has.

  3. she’s a goth girl who dyes her hair to match the liturgical colour of the season

    Oh my goodness! I’m beginning to think “Archbishop of Canterbury.” Really, I know my people. They are very shallow. This could work. Please send her over.