Grandmère Mimi has posted the following message from her brother in law:

Once again I'm asking for prayers for Zoe. She most likely has a tumor in the nasal/brain cavity - and has been on 3 different meds - all to no avail. Looks like it has now generated a neurological problem - she stumbles and falls - or her back legs give way and she immediately drops to the ground. Don't know how much longer - going back to vet this am for her observation. Frank

She also has a list of those in the US military killed in Afghanistan last week. We pray for them and all killed or injured, physically and mentally, in the wars in our world that are raging at this time. We also pray for peace in Korea, North and South.

Mimi's two posts, cited above, can be
found on her WOUNDED BIRD blog.



Ma Update - She's out of ICU and in her own room at the hospital. The MRI is done, though we have no news yet from the neurologist. I hope to have more news tomorrow.


This . . .

. . . turned out to be about this:

I know it's not a puppy, and that's
disappointing. But she's kinda cute
in a sticky sort of way. Check out
for full details and more photos.


LESLEY is dating again. We thank God for the persistency of love and ask him to give her new partner strength and fortitude.

(Artist's impression)


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  1. Lesley’s dating, and it’s not me? 🙁

    Welcome to the World, Avery Elizabeth! (*ALMOST* as cute as a puppy! ;-p)

  2. MP, thanks for noticing me going into the next generation–as a grandmother. Sticky, messy, lovable babe to be thankful for.