I actually got some sleep last night and on the occasions I woke up the pain was annoying rather than excruciating. This morning it is bearable but my face is still swollen. I still look like a lopsided hamster.

For those of you having problems envisaging a lopsided hamster here is an excellent illustration from Grandmère Mimi who has certainly been hiding her artistic talents under her bushel (and, from all accounts, Mimi was well known for her cute little bushel around the New Orleans jazz dives back in the day and can, even now, give the young girls a run for their money when it comes to the shaking of bushels).



  1. The resemblance is astonishing. Perhaps a little too cheerful to be entirely true to life.

    You must be feeling better if you’re coming up with annoying and uncalled-for innuendo, Mad Priest.

  2. “For he IS an Englishman!”

    Seriously, very glad you got some sleep last night. Prayers continue that God may bless and heal you, MP.

    Also prayers for Mrs. MP – ’nuff said.

  3. Jonathan what does bushel mean as you use the word?

    Did you see the nice prayer request and prayer for you that I posted at WB, along with my art work with a few refinements added?

  4. Jonathan, you didn’t answer my question about the meaning of bushel. It’s a serious question. I looked bushel up in the Urban Dictionary and the Slang Dictionary, and it is not there.

  5. MadPriest, I have no doubt that you’re out to get me, but I’m determined not to return evil for evil and not to take vengeance and…well…you know the rest.

  6. So MadPriest, you didn’t like my cartoon with you in a frock – er – cassock? I added a horizon line and other enhancements to the final version, so you don’t appear to be floating in the air. You don’t levitate, do you?

  7. I loves Mimi’s drawing.

    Mimi, you ought to do more drawings.

    wv – stsumi – wot Mad Priest’s face currently looks like (according to him)

  8. I cluttered up your inbox with the final daft draft attached to an email, which you could, if you’re so inclined (but I expect you’re not), substitute for the second draft.