The over-the-counter tablets are now giving me about 2 hours pain relief out of every 4 hours. So there is some improvement. However, I have now gone 2 nights without any real sleep and have that yucky feeling that two days of popping Paracetamol gives you. But, brave, little martyr that I am, I persevere.

There is no need to send in emails full of sympathy this time as you have already done that in spades which, as a male with a very low pain threshold and who "wants his mummy," I am extremely grateful.



  1. One of these days I’ll figure out what Paracetamol is.

    Meanwhile, drink up that single malt. You’ll still hurt but you sure as hell won’t give a flying rat’s ass in a rolling donut.

  2. I know you know this but do be careful with the paracetemol. Agreed with Tracie about the single malt. There are times in life it really helps.

  3. Wow, this is still from the root canal? What is wrong with doctors? My dentist happily wrote me a script for Lortab after my root canal, and I didn’t have an abscess to deal with. All doctors have to do is mark it no refills if they’re so bloomin’ worried you’re going to become an addict after a few days of dosing. Sheesh.

    I hope this goes away very soon.

  4. My sympathies, as I recently had minor dental surgery and it’s not fun at all. Ended up with extra strength ibuprofen, and wasn’t very comfortable, but the worst was over after several days. Hope you make a speedy recovery!

    It’s very odd when they use one’s head for leverage, though.

  5. Hello, Tylenol mixed with alcohol, even in small amounts can be fatal. In fact, too much Tylenol period can absolutely kill your liver. It his not only been linked with hepatic failure but also renal failure. The odds are worse if you are diabetic. Stupid doctors, the opiates would have been much better for you. (The curse of being raised by an M.D.)