The reason why St. Laika's has been silent recently is that I have been silent. An abscess on a tooth led to me having root canal treatment this morning and I am probably in more agony now than I was with the abscess. My dentist tells me it will ease off in a couple of days. I could do with a morphine based painkiller but they only prescribe it in hospitals nowadays to reduce the chances of junkies getting hold of it. Why I have to suffer because of the weakness of others seems very unfair to me. But that's England for you.



  1. Having just been through that seven weeks ago you have my total sympathy. I’d send you my leftover painkillers if I could. Prayers for a soon surcease of pain.

  2. I forgot to say that this would be the perfect time for some of us to do “service cover” or supply as we TECs call it. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do the audio bit nor do I think I even have the electronic equipment or whatever for it. But hey, Dah-veed – how about you?

    wv=dompacto: the damnation of the impacted tooth

  3. Hydrocodone or demerol? Perhaps no because they are synthetic opiates. And morphine is an opiate.

    I am sorry that you are in such pain. I hate tooth related pain.

    Can you belt back a few things that make you not care about the pain? Tequila does that for me.

  4. {{{MP}}}

    Sending healing vibes, and prayers ascending.

    Hey, I applied for a job today! (Any day I can overcome my depression enough to do this, is a VICTORY). Still waiting to hear on the job I interviewed for (I checked, and they haven’t made a decision yet).

  5. Good grief! Here’s sending you love and prayers.

    I wish the docs (and the legal system) could sort out the painkiller situation. Here in the US, a friend of ours has just gone through a similar dental procedure after a long and painful bureaucratically-inflicted wait, and he said it was difficult to persuade the dentists to prescribe something other than opiates for his pain. Since he is a recovering addict, he just didn’t feel it was that good an idea in his case!

    Holding you in prayer.

  6. Not only England, dear friend. Bona fide pain is notoriously undertreated in this country as well and for the same reason. I’ve had a couple of really excruciating experiences of that myself and so you have my most sincere sympathies.

    Do you have urgent care clinics over there? Or can you go to an emergency room?

    I so hope you get some relief very soon.

    Oh, I just remembered. You CAN get over-the-counter painkillers with a little bit of codeine in them over where you live. (Or you could when I was there…) It’s not really enough to deal properly with a root canal but it will take the edge off.

  7. Sending {{{hugs}}} and prayers for a speedy pain free recovery, Mr. Mad!

    I went through the same thing last month, and the pain did ease off in a couple of days – it’s all the sensitive bits underneath the tooth that get all angry from being jostled during the procedure. They should calm down with some anti-inflammatory meds.
    Good luck!

  8. I’m so sorry about this. hope you feel better soon! I’m with those who say swish your mouth out with liquor of some sort. And then swallow some of it!

  9. Poor bloke. I’ll have a go at you. I’m praying for you. I’d send some of my Vicodin from when I broke my shoulder several years ago, but by the time it arrived you’d be all better.

  10. OW! Been there; done that. No fun at all. I hope the dentist is right, and that it’s better soon. In the meantime, as has been suggested, there’s always Scotch.

  11. Oh much sympathy…I think dentists like their patients to suffer in revenge for the amount of time they spend in other people’s hallitosis mouth…

  12. I think you may be right, NB. I thought my dentist was such a sweet and gentle young man. It turns out that he is, in fact, the dentist from “The Little Shop Of Horrors.”

  13. Sorry to hear it, MP. I have had root canal treatment and I can think of much better ways to spend a morning. Rest up and I hope the pain gets better soon.

    I agree on the St Laika’s cover tho. You can’t keep daily services up all the time for precisely this sort of reason.

  14. With severe pain like that you need a distraction, MP. Perhaps if you banged your thumb with a hammer, really hard.

    No seriously, I think you need alcohol and lots of it!

  15. Who made that stupid rule? Obviously they had never had a surgical procedure that required pain control. In our state, they simply limit the number of pills and the prescription cannot be refilled.

    Can you go to an emergency room and get an injection for pain control? That couldn’t be sold on the street. (As if!)

  16. You are right, BooCat. It is a silly rule, because if I was in hospital, they would give me the necessary pain relief. It was the same when I was mentally ill. I had to be admitted to hospital to get the meds that actually worked because they won’t prescribe anything you could become addicted to outside of hospital. It really is patronising to both patients and our general practitioners.

  17. My pain consultant prescribes me something I have to sign the controlled drugs register to collect from the pharmacy.
    Morphine is over-rated; I was hospitalised to three days this weekend and I hate taking morphine. The after effects really suck.
    ps, get well soon!

  18. OUCH! If you can get some codeine laced Tylenol it won’t be as good but it may help.

    I think this raises an clear need for some lay readers or clergy who can cover for you when needed.

    Prayers for healing and relief. I don’t like to pray for the clearly impossible so I will not pray for intelligent legislators. Neither of our countries appear able to produce them.



  19. Mad Priest, you do seem to have had more than your fair share of teeth that require root canal treatment or some other painful procedure.

  20. MP, prayers for your pain and your soul!

    We keep trying to convince you to Swim the Pond. Maybe we have better oral surgeons over here. I had a root canal a couple of years ago and it was no fun, but it was hardly agony. I got a prescription for hydrocodone, and I took a dose or two and it helped, but then I just fell back on Tylenol for a couple days and it was okay. (Other medications I am on contraindicate aspirin or ibuprofen. And, alas, single malt.)