First some particularly non-pc cartoons:

Next up, quite a good joke which actually asks a very deep question:

Now a cartoon that has a go at lazy, rich people (which is fine with me and Jesus):

Some odds and ends:

... and finally, two excellent letters about flying bishops who fly off when they don't get their own way on everything:



  1. Re your joke that asks a deep question, Mad Priest, I’m guessing you’re suggesting that eating healthily won’t stave off death and in fact if we truly believe in heaven we might want to hasten our arrival there? … It’s true that we all die, but I don’t think God gave us our bodies with the intent that we wreck them through neglect and carelessness either. In fact, I think that we are treating God with contempt if we do. And if the idea of life was just to get to heaven as quickly as possible we might as well all just kill ourselves. That’s my two bobs’ worth.

  2. I would hope the many good things about this beautiful world we live in and your happy marriage and the thought of the grief you would cause Jane by doing that might sway your choices too.

  3. D’oh! He has fallen silent.

    In truth, Mad Priest, I have commented on this post today because I fear that you do not look after your health as well as you might and someone who has diabetes needs to be scrupulous in their attention to that. After your recent scare I have been praying every day you take better care. There it is.

  4. Cathy, our mutual friend did not observe the rules for healthy eating for diabetics on holiday, but far be it from me to give advice on righteous living. We all know how boring THAT can be.