A study of New York City teenagers nearly doubles the findings of previous research in suggesting that one in ten teens have same-gender partners.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), finds the research, which is published in the journal Pediatrics, to be shocking. So he wonders if the information is true and if it is "possible that a lot more kids are practicing homosexuality because of all the propaganda in the culture."

The latter, he believes, could be the result of school systems in New York and other cities pumping information into students' heads about homosexuality being an acceptable lifestyle.

COMMENT: Let's just pretend for a moment that the common perception that those who shout the loudest against gay relationships are themselves gay, or have some inclination towards being gay, is true. Such people would be trying to conform their sexuality to rules rather than to their own natural inclination. They would have a completely different view of how to go about forming sexual relationships to everyone else. They would probably end up believing that ordinary, non-homophobic people, both gay and straight, can be persuaded to have sex with people they find unattractive. Not for a moment would they consider that people with a healthy attitude towards their own sexual identity always try to get it off with people they are sexually attracted to or that persuading a fervently heterosexual young man to have sex with another man, out of choice, is an enterprise on par with trying to persuade a mouse to have sex with an elephant. A couple of lessons at school combatting bigotry and prejudice is not going to change that age old truth.

Of course, despite his drag queen name, I am not suggesting that LaBarbera is in the slightest bit gay. It could be that he is just incredibly stupid.



  1. Pete LaBarbera is known in gay circles as “Porno Pete”, for his love of gay pornography (y’know, the kind that his “anti-gay porn efforts” require research, Research, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! {splat, Ew!})

  2. I think we will find that our good fiends at IRD are also acting as thought they are self-loathing closeted gays. There is a well-known ACNA type in TEC who has admitted to having well over 150 books on homosexuality. Overkill, perhaps? I have had conversations with a number of people with backgrounds in counseling, and one thing that pops up seems to be this thing about how many of the anti-gay crowd seem to be really emotionally damaged, and how many act as though they were sexually abused as children. It is really sad, and now they visit their hate on other people they don’t even know.