Me and Jim were very much in the minority when we suggested an all out nasty tricks campaign against the Covenant involving playing on the natural xenophobia of the English. But there was no need for us to have worried. The opposition has told every conservative (with a small "c") member of the Church of England laity (which is most of the membership) for us, that they are going to be told what to do and think by Africans. And to add the icing to the cake he has said that anybody who doesn't want to be told what to do and think by Africans is a "Little Englander" and member of England's leading fascist party. The laity in the shires are not going to like that - not even the Little Englanders and fascists among them.

Thanks Bishop.


Church leaders are discussing proposals for a landmark agreement intended to prevent splits in the world-wide Anglican Communion over controversial issues. Churches across the world would undertake not to act in a way likely to upset fellow Anglicans in other countries under the deal. But critics of the plan, which is known as the Anglican Covenant, claim it would cede control over the affairs of the Church of England to a foreign authority for the first time since Henry VIII. (Erm, didn't I say that?)

However, the Bishop of St Asaph, the Rt Rev Gregory Cameron, who was on the committee that drew up the covenant, described the opponents as “latter-day little Englanders”. In a letter to the Church Times, he said the two groups had “turned themselves into the nearest to an ecclesiastical BNP that I have encountered”.

He continued: “They resort to the old tactics of misinformation and scaremongering about foreigners and outside influences to whip up a campaign against the Anglican Covenant and replace reasoned argument with a ‘Man the barricades!’ mentality that is little short of breathtaking”.

COMMENT: My idea - breathtaking? What a compliment!



  1. I love our colleagues in the NACC group and I am proud of what we are doing. But I fear they are too honorable and nice.

    Down in the blood and gore, where the knife fighters hide, now we have a bishop on our side!

  2. We’re used to this use of the language. Thinking people can see the empty scare tactics. Unfortunately too few people think. At least in the US.

  3. Well I’ve seen the pictures of your wife and she sure as shit’s not breathtaking, so good thing about those ideas, huh?
    Seriously deluded people. I see Dawkins and Hitchens and wonder “How the fuck did this idiot ever come from the same island as these geniuses who actually have something to say and who can use evidence to back it up?”

  4. I think he’s talking about Mrs MP. But he’s posted the comment to the wrong thread. I believe it belongs (although “belongs” is definitely not the right word) under the “Make hate not sense” post

  5. If my ancestors hadn’t gotten all uppity about the New World and adventure, I’m sure I’d be a Little Englander.

    For the Shire!

    Oo! WV – “suctists” – As in, those who make the lives of others suck.

  6. Back to the main point: in the spirit of my idol Fr Jack Hackett “feck off, you sheep bothering Welsh poodle!”

  7. Anonymous, why don’t you post your picture? … Actually, you know what – on second thoughts, don’t bother. Anyone can tell from the way you talk that you’re no Greek god. Mrs MP is well nice-lookin’ – I’d bet good money she’s a long way more so than you.

  8. I wonder how I, a Texas native living in Brooklyn who has spent a grand total of 3 days on English soil in the entire course of my life, ended up qualifying to be a “Little Englander?”

    This is a puzzlement.

    By the way, in case Tucson Troll is wondering, I posed for Michelangelo when he carved the David.