If it turns out, and it is becoming more likely that it will,  that the uni(multi)verse is infinite then the earth will, once again, be at the very centre of it. As will every creature on the earth wherever they are at any given moment.



  1. Yes.

    And if we actually do live in an infinite universe, then that means all possibilities are not just “possible” but that they MUST exist, by virtue of the fact that we live in an infinite universe.

    So the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not just a possibility – he MUST exist. It’s just a matter of how to find him.


  2. Not necessarily, Tracie. It could equally well be the case that other than our universe the rest of infinity is made up of just custard. In an infinite universe the possibility of just one thing being repeated over and over again is the same as the possibility of all things. But, as we will never see beyond the number of light years since the beginning of our particular universe, we will never know. So feel free to believe in any sort of pasta monster you wish. Rest assured, nobody will ever prove you wrong.

  3. I like custard AND I like pasta. This cosmology stuff is getting better all the time. NOMNOMNOM

    In a bit more serious vein, I feel that your post makes the special snowflake mistake. You are a special snowflake, unique and wonderful…just like everyone else.

    In an infinite universe, every point and every person is the center, just as any point on the surface of a ball is the center of the ball.

    That doesn’t diminish or trivialize the self-centeredness of teens, corporate executives or 4 year-olds, but I think it only fair to point out that my beloved Sara-dog is as much the center of the universe as Benny, Rupert Murdoch or ++Rowan.

  4. In an infinite universe, every point and every person is the center

    Erm. That’s the whole point of my thought for the day, Tim. I hope you weren’t underestimating my intelligence. Because I wasn’t underestimating yours by explaining the obvious and making a thought into an essay with footnotes 🙂