It's out!!!

The new album by Lois' niece, Kirsten Thien, is in the shops now.

To be honest, Kirsten's albums, up to now, have been pleasant but lightweight, underproduced affairs. But they did show potential - a potential that has been fully realised on her new album, "Delicious." With her new release Kirsten has progressed from an interesting newcomer to a fully fledged, country-soul diva of enormous, world class talent, presence and quality.

Look, I know Lois is my friend and all that, but I'm not icing the cake here as you will discover when you press play on the audio file below. I have not heard a white singer as good as this for many a year. I honestly place her in the same class as Maria McKee and Maggie Bell, and those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that my compliments don't come any higher than that when it comes to singers.

"Delicious" mixes the blues, soul and country seamlessly and should appeal to fans of all three genres. It certainly appealed to me and on the first listen. But you must decide for yourself, although I'll be extremely surprised if I am not greeted with a chorus of "Brilliant discovery, MadPriest!"

When you decide to buy a copy of this album, which I am sure many of you will, please order it from KIRSTEN'S WEBSITE rather than via my Amazon Shop (it's the same price and you can use PayPal at Kirsten's place). This way Kirsten will get a lot more money and you will get a SIGNED copy at no extra cost. Also, when ordering, please say that you are friends of Lois' from the Of Course, I Could Be Wrong... blog. I'm not on a backhander here, it's just a bit of self-promotion for the blog.

Here are some photographs of Kirsten.
Did I say the album was called "Delicious?"



  1. OMG, Maddie, thank you! I’m sending Kirsten the link to this post right away. And I agree – I heard the first cut and I thought, My God, she’s come into her own. Thank you, again, for the wonderful review.

  2. I’ve also sent out some emails today to various music websites into blues and soul music. One, Soul Patrol, has got back to me already to say they will check her album out. These sites send out, almost daily, updates to their subscribers.

    I strongly suggest that Kirsten gets over to the UK as soon as possible to promote this album. We are mad for this sort of music and there is an established circuit. She would build up a solid fan base over here, and in Europe, that will be loyal for life (we are not so faddish as Americans). She will need a UK agent with the right client base. I can find out who are good if she needs help on this as I have contacts with local promoters. I’m known as a reliable and impartial source re new talent around these parts.

  3. I must say, “Please Drive” Is quite the thing!!!!!
    Haven’t heard anything anywhere near this sexy since “Slow Hand.”

    Yes, I know I don’t get out much! 😉

  4. I originally found her music through OCICBW and have downloaded some of her older work, but this is great. I’ll have to have it!

  5. Wot David Said. (Of course!)

    I suppose she’s taken, Lois? (Of course she is. Some too-lucky-for-words sod… }-p)

  6. Sorry, JCF, yes, her bass player, Erik. (and I don’t mean that skinny, balding guy in the sound studio shot! Erik is more like a Harley driving Hells Angel but with a soft soul.)