Posted by Sam at ELIZAPHANIAN:

Ollie has a lump on his left jaw (you can just about see it on the photo above, taken this afternoon - 21st. October). He has to have an operation tomorrow (today) to remove it (general anaesthetic!!), and have it biopsied. It might just be blocked glands; it might be something a lot worse 🙁  If it's the sort of thing you do, please say a prayer or two.


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  1. Yes, Sam. This is the sort of thing I do. And I really know what it’s like to love a dog and to be worried about a dog. You and Ollie definitely have my prayers.

  2. This community (and over at Paul the BB) has prayed Molly the Wonderdog though more crises that I thought dogs had. Prayers of thanks for Ollie’s good news.

  3. Done.

    {{{Sweet Ollie}}}

    {{{Ollie’s Pack}}}


    I ask your urgent prayers—and financial help—for a crisis here in my old/new hometown of Sacramento.

    The food pantry at the Episcopal Cathedral suffered a catastrophic fire (including, sadly, the death of one resident cat and MIA of the other 🙁 ).

    Here’s the story. Donate to the Food Bank here (If I find out how to donate to rebuilding the Cathdral complex which burned, I’ll post that later)


    [Personal note: the woman who directs the food bank, is the mother of the two fine young men who helped me move (on the Sacramento end). They are a family of mensches!]

  4. What a nice dog. Really. I’m glad he’s okay.

    I had two kids in a heartbeat (it seems) but it’s now been seven years since I’ve had a dog. And so far the advantages of not having one are pretty extensive.

    I long for a cat or two but WP does not like them, no. Not one little bit.

  5. Good news about Ollie. That was quick. No sooner was it posted here than he was okay. There you go, that’s the power of OCICBW.