Belgium's Roman Catholic Church, already reeling from allegations of sexual abuse, faced a new scandal Friday after its primate wrote that AIDS was "a sort of inherent justice." 

Many lawmakers condemned Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, the head of the Belgian church, for the remarks in a new book and Belgium's center for equal opportunities received a series of complaints, including one by a lawyer who said his comments were incitement to hatred. The Church is struggling to recover from the resignation of the Bishop of Bruges in April after he admitted sexually abusing a nephew.



  1. I would like to hear the good bishop disclaim the inherent justice of other infirmities and diseases that afflict humanity. Or is it, as I suspect, that AIDS stands alone as a harbinger of justice since it is largely transmitted through icky sexual contact with another human being? Arsehole.

  2. No, Jim. God’s punishing those wives who have cheating husbands who give them AIDs. They’re not sexy enough or submissive enough, and if they were, their husbands wouldn’t have strayed.

    Those sick, sick feminists.

    …that hurt, but I suspect it’s the sort of logic used. Now, where’s the advil? ugh.

  3. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.

    Perhaps the Abp should re-read those sections in the Bible about lepers, and how Christ treated them.

  4. These old men in RC robes are really beyond rational…really, such a cluster of insane old frumps milling about and mulling world issues from their casterated/constipated point of view…well, they ought be casterated so they don´t have to think about inconvenient body parts sagging like their vocation(s)…bound, muted and forced to walk endlessly in silent circles in the hallways of the Vatican library earthly delights ought perk em up…they won´t need to be blindfolded as they can´t see anyway…moving conveyor belts can stop them from bunching up while whispering nonsense in the corners.

  5. These clerics are sick, sick, sick. Obviously they live on or come from another planet. And then they wonder why people are leaving the church in droves.

  6. One bishop does not a church make. This is not the teaching of Rome. The Bishop is dead wrong and that’s that.

    To read more into his remarks is also wrong.

  7. To read more into his remarks is also wrong.

    Ye gods!!!!
    What on earth would the world’s media and all us bloggers do all day if we were to take that remark to heart?

  8. Ah yes: yet another “Anonymous” judge, to tell us what’s “wrong”.

    Your legal/moral bonafides are less than persuasive, Anon.