My apologies for my tardiness in posting these two items. Unfortunately, I've been blogging with a temperature, that would render less committed bloggers completely out of action, for the last week. Not that I'm complaining. I was born to suffer.

From JCF:

My namesake, "V", is a freshman in college.

This morning, (7th. October) I got an email from her mother, my best friend:

a friend from middle school committed suicide over the weekend. If that were not horrible enough, the girl called (my namesake) before she did the thing...(my namesake) called the police, who found the girl and got her to the hospital, but she died on Sunday morning. (My namesake) was still pretty shaken when we talked with her

Please pray for my namesake, V. She's fought so hard through her own issues, just to get where she is: this is the last thing she needed.

And of course, pray for the repose of the soul of her friend. So much pain, in so many young lives: may we all recognize it when we see it - and help!


From Mibi52:

Jonathan, thank the OCICBW... clan for their prayers for Mia. The vet removed the tumor and they determined it was an osteosarcoma. We are now figuring out whether it has spread. If it hasn't, they will amputate her left hind leg. She will be a three-legged kitty, which will confirm what we've already known, that she is a truly Anglican cat. If you all could continue to pray for her, we would be grateful. She is a love, and it would be sad to see her die before her time.



  1. Thank you, MP.

    Please keep V—and her family—in your prayers. I know she saw her parents over the weekend, and I also know there were Difficult Times.

    My prayers also, for Mia Kitty.