Yes, it's true! MadPriest has purchased a license and can now provide you with quality entertainment which you can legally download for your own, personal listening pleasure. And, joy of joys, you get to hear my voice with its gorgeous English accent as I prattle on about nothing very important between the music tracks.

MP3 File

The albums from which the tracks on this podcast are taken can be purchased from the US and UK Amazon sites via my store. If you use this link for your purchases I get a bit of commission and that would be a nice way for you to say thank you to me without costing you any extra money.




  1. Being boring – please could you put length of listen in the blogpost so that we know what we’re letting ourselves in for? (well, we have some idea of what we’re letting ourselves in for but not how long we’ll have to suffer… 😉

  2. All music podcasts will be approximately one hour long. However, just because you are my friend doesn’t mean you have to listen to them. I am fully aware that some of my readers are not as hip as others and that none of them are as hip as MadPriest. So, I won’t be offended if you don’t press play.

    Unfortunately, under the terms of my license, I am not allowed to post playlists.

  3. re: playlists

    OK, so I am left guessing (haven’t listened to the whole thing)… got the Who. I know you announce the tracks but your voice is so soft and the music so loud that if I am not right by the computer to adjust, I miss what you’re saying. Still, hooray for the new podcasting.

  4. I increased my voice level in the mix 16 hours ago. If you downloaded the podcast prior to that you may like to download it again so that you can hear my voice.

    If you downloaded since I changed the volumes, and can’t hear my voice, I suggest either
    a) turning up the volume
    b) getting a hearing aid.

  5. I am curious, which license you bought and why? My son has an internet radio talk show and we are talking about some license buying issues.


  6. Yee-haa! The pelicans are at daycare, I’ve just got our new high speed connection sorted, and I’m rockin’ away with Radio MadPriest.

    Life’s pretty good. Thanks MP!

  7. Thanks – I enjoyed this.

    And you do speak very clearly for a DJ – I couldn’t hear any fog on the Tyne.

    Best wishes