What makes a man a man?
The cut of a coat, the hint of a tan?
It's not who you love, but whether you can.
What makes a man a man?



  1. MP: I’m trying to reference both these lyrics and the vocalist. No luck so far. What a haunting song, and what a haunting photo of Matthew Shepard.

    -Doug (WearyPilgrim)

  2. Thanks for this, MP. And today we read of yet another 13-year old child who attempted suicide over being bullied for being gay:

    Perhaps I am too hard-hearted but I believe that every single one of these horrible tragedies will continue to hang around the necks of people like Rowan Williams, like a necklace of skulls, unless and until the find the courage to speak out against them and to actually do something to stop them.

    Favoring unity over justice isn’t Christian. Period.

  3. I agree with you entirely, Priscilla. I am 100% positive that the church’s failure to include gay people led to the devastation the AIDS epidemic caused to the gay population. By excluding gay people from a normal religious life we removed normal morality from many of them. Morality that straight people adopted in the past to protect themselves from such things like AIDS.

    I feel guilty about this just because of my association with the Church. I don’t know how Williams manages to sleep at night.

  4. As long as Rowan feels he is keeping the Anglican Communion together, no matter what, he’ll sleep just fine. And he’s not the only one…..