1. Dear Maddie, could you name people who come to your blog who would be interested in this picture? Chet

  2. In Emotions Anonymous (probably all 12 Step groups) we say “Progress, Not Perfection”.

    It’s a big help.

    [But hey: let’s not blame La Hayek for this, ‘kay. She’s not really “perfect” . . . she’s just DELISH! ;-D..]

  3. I loved that post.
    I think people aren’t “real” not just because they want to be seen as perfect in the eyes of others, but because they feel they would drown in failure if they couldn’t be perfect in their own eyes.

    Because it’s not just about saying “I’m fat, so what”, or “I yell at my kids too much”.
    The next step is to try and change those things about us that really are damaging, to us and to others.

    Truly and deeply engaging with ourselves and with others is astonishingly hard and painful work. Not surprising that many don’t want to go there and chose the supposedly easier option of suppressing it all and thinking yourself happy.

  4. Checking out your rivals, Chet?

    [I feel safe in asserting that the genius behind (and in) the film Frida would not have you on her list. So don’t bother yourself.]

  5. Folks, read through the comments and see how people are getting real there. It’s astounding, it’s amazing, it’ll have you reaching for your hankies.

    This will sound really corny but who cares – it all reminds me of an Amy Grant song that maybe some folks here are familiar with, called “Better Than A Hallelujah.” The first time I heard it I wept. For those who don’t know it, the refrain goes like this:

    We pour out our miseries
    God just hears a melody
    Beautiful the mess we are
    The honest cries, the breaking hearts
    Are better than a hallelujah