Parishioners from the St. John the Evangelist Episcopal church in Hingham were setting up for a post-Mass picnic at the town's Bathing Beach Saturday night when they were interrupted by the sound of gunfire and the sight of a wounded Canadian goose slowly dying, the rector, The Rev. Timothy Schenk, said.

The Mass, which was geared toward children, ended at about 5:30 p.m. and the picnic was about to begin when the parishioners saw three geese fly by, and then heard three shots. Two men were hunting geese on the beach. They hit one of the geese, which fell into the water. It was wounded, but not immediately killed. The goose tried to swim away as the hunters took a couple more shots at it, missing it.

“Usually, when you hunt, you have some sort of provision to get what you hunt. This was not the case as the goose, struggling to swim away, “just kind of slipped under the water,” said Schenk.

Schenk said he held a “preach at the beach” Mass “to remind people that God isn’t under house arrest at a church. God is everywhere,” he said.

COMMENT: To be honest, I think the goose would have been better off in the Reverend Schenk's church. God was sort of conspicuous by his absence on the beach (unless God doesn't like geese).



  1. This doesn’t sound legal to me.

    On the local news last night, they had a pic of a goose shot (by some @sshat!) w/ a practice arrow, through the neck [The pic takers tried to catch the goose—to attempt a medical rescue, but the poor thing took off].

    I’m not anti-hunting (wild goose is delicious), but I AM anti-@sshat. Use proper equipment properly (inc license and limit), in a proper (and SAFE!) location for hunting, or fuhgeddaboutit! >:-(

  2. This, in a strange way, reminds me of a story about what happened shortly after my parents moved to the farm where I now live. There is a Lutheran Church about a hundred yards down the road and my parents had a gaggle of geese that wandered around the farm yard eating bugs and spilled grain. Well one Sunday morning the geese decided to go for a little walk down the road and ended up in the front of the Church. They must have decided that they really wanted the Church as their own because they wouldn’t let anyone into the building. No one was able to scare them off and they hissed at and bit anyone who came too close. So everyone who wanted to go to Church had to enter through the sacristy door.

    The Lutheran pastor had a good laugh about it because he said that the geese just wanted to convert to Lutheran after being Methodist.

    Needless to say, the Christmas goose came a bit early and repeatedly that year…