Now wouldn't it be a nice gesture if, in return, they promised not to crash anymore aeroplanes into tall buildings full of people.


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  1. Oh, like that wacky guy (Christian, I’m guessing?) who flew his plane into the Federal bldg last spring, because the IRS was there.

    Yeah, I wish that guy would make such a promise, too. If he wasn’t already dead, I mean.

  2. I expect you are saying that I’m wrong about something I didn’t actually say, Hannah. Unless you are saying it wouldn’t be nice to promise not to crash into tall buildings full of people any more.

  3. You are wrong in accepting as rational any aspect of this bizarre episode.
    Terry Jones has been making a spectacle of himself for decades. In America people are allowed to do that, as long as they don’t injure themselves or anyone else. Also, there’s the increasingly accepted principle that if adults agree to being abused (e.g. by accepting the provisions of DADT), it’s OK. Defining the morality of an act based on the effect on the object of the act is, IMHO, wrong.

  4. If one group of Muslims can be asked to make promises that an extremist few won’t carry out their plans, is it ok to ask all Christians to not bomb abortion clinics, destroy native American holy sites, and to promise no more pogroms in Russia? If a religion is to be judged by the acts or intentions of a few fanatics, well let me know so I can renounce my baptism. Those Christians (and Muslims and Jews and Buddhists and Hindus etc etc etc) have some crazy extremists and I don’t want any guilt by association.

  5. if only your mother would stop shooting stupid babies who later on become stupid, racist, self-loving fellas like you.
    jonathan you are such an asshole. for real.