1. Where’s the horns, tail, and pitchfork?

    Cathy, I’m thinking more long the lines of the “Photoshop Scale” I’m thinking it’s about a 5.7… We can probably do something with it, but we’d prefer a set of face front/face left/face right type shots for proper Photoshop Raw Material.

  2. Clumber, MP handed you a challenge on the Photoshopping front, but I know you’re up to the task.

    Where’s the horns, tail, and pitchfork?

    That will be the easy part.

  3. He who shall not be photographed has been photographed! Will wonders ever cease? Was this one of the signs of the “end times?”

    This is off the Richter scale! Definitely much more exciting than Benny visiting the UK. I’d even board a plane to meet you, MP. And … I hate to fly!

  4. About the sculpture in the picture:

    The source is marked by a sculpture by Gilbert Ward.
    Until 2002, The Source was marked only by an old fence post and was easily missed. The massive sculpture by Gilbert Ward should remedy that. Look tall through the slot in the stone and you can see the birth of the South Tyne as it flows from the labyrinths. Raise your eyes with respect – the Celts believed that the eye of a river was the eye of God.

    And why am I doing our host’s job?

  5. A sculpture that looks like that needs an explanation. Thanks, Mimi. My ideas were not far from the mark, but had nothing to do with a river.

  6. Mad Priest, indeed I will back you up on that. In fact it would have been Mimi’s first thought if it had looked absolutely nothing like what it looks like.

  7. :pours out a pint of stout & lays out some dark bread for the spirit of the Tyne:

    All fruitfulness and prosperity cometh from thee, spirit of water and earth, and of thine own we give back to thee. Hail to thee, spirit of the Tyne, hail holy England, hail Jord, Mother Earth, sustainer of us all. Wassail!!

  8. Oh, cuddly and adorable! And the collies, too! ;-D

    Re the stone: is that actually ancient? [Looks to me, more like a modern take on “an Ancient Celtic Stone”. But perhaps (some of) my ancestors were more advanced than I’ve heard?]

    {Scrolls up and reads Mimo’s comment}


  9. Now then, Mimi, it was you wot mentioned several times the “pattern” you tend to see in all pictures. It was that to which Mad Priest was referring, and I had to concur, since you had said so so many times yourself. But have I said it is a bad thing? No, I have not.

  10. The picture does resemble the Mad One but if you look closely you can see that it has been heavily Photoshopped.

    As has been pointed out, the horns are gone, the tail has gone and the pitchfork has been removed.

    The gut has been very much reduced and you will notice some of George Clooney’s features have been morphed into the face.

    I’m still waiting for a REAL photo of MP.

  11. Well, all I can say is, that even though we were travelling at 60mph at the time, I nearly opened the door and jumped out. It was only the fact that I’ve been exposed to American mores that saved me. Most English people would have spontaneously combusted on the spot.

  12. Yes, indeed! Speeding along in the Highlands at 60 mph on a one lane road with two way traffic will frighten you enough that you’ll say ANYTHING to get the driver to slow down.

  13. Cathy, I was frightened nearly to death. You surely can’t hold me responsible for what I said in such a state of fright. I was not myself.

    Look, you two, if we’re going to start telling tales, I can play the game, too. I’m just saying.

    Besides it was Mimo who said all that stuff.

  14. Well, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s an art critic who says one thing in public and something completely different behind closed (car) doors.

  15. All right! I said a Kandinsky show had much in it that I found erotic. That’s all I’ve said in public, and that’s all anyone is entitled to hear. The rest was in a private conversation. Are y’all happy now?

  16. I agree with Mimo, it is rather womb-ish. But that is probably by design. It does celebrate the birth of a river, no? A river who rises up from the womb of Gaia?

    I like the way the tourists just throw their crap around any old place on the monument. It shows their sense of national ownership, if not pride.

  17. Cut the ass-kissing folks. If you think that guy looks ‘sexy’, you are stark raving MAD.You have to be desparate!!!

    Just checking to see if anyone thinks the man in the picture makes them believe in the Quartet, not the Trinity. Amos

  18. Oh. My. Gawd! I thought I might get a bit of a thrill about seeing the BVM in a slice of toast or Jesus in a bit of tree bark. But getting to see MP is much more inspirational.
    Thank you, MP!

  19. I would comment on my interpretation of the sculpture, but I’m afraid that I would be revealing a bit more about myself than I really would want known.

    Nice pic, Mad One, you handsome devil!

  20. Now that’s a man with whom I’d like to enjoy a coupla pints of Real Ale.

    The dogs, of course are superior beings. Unless there’s a cat in the vicinity.


    (MP, I will manage to make it up to the north one of these days and buy you a pint )

    I find it intersting that more and more we are all Coming Out.

  21. The Ark of the Covenant has been opened … and we’re not screaming.

    Why have you been hiding yourself, MP? You look perfectly agreeable.

    But the dogs win the beauty contest.

  22. Tim – Mad Priest does remind me of Hugh Bonneville but he is the absolute spitting image of Simon Russell Beale, if you ask me (especially when Beale is dressed as King Arthur in Spamalot, even though Mad Priest doesn’t have a beard).

  23. I find it intersting that more and more we are all Coming Out.

    Aren’t we though, Susan? ;-/

    I believe Mimo requires some single malt after which she understands everything.

    Always works for me!