THE INTERVIEW PANEL: (1) It is important to realise that what they are asking for is rarely what they really want — 5 Comments

  1. Atually I think that means a strong leader who will carry us along by agreeing with us and supporting our ideas and covering our boo boos.

  2. my parish strongly told me that I was to respect the strong lay leadership. Now, 4 years later, they are bitching that I am not a strong enough leader… I took the place because I know I’m not a ‘strong leader’… the problem with lay leadership is, of course, that they all know the answers to every problem, but have no hand in solving them. and, they are not accountable for their offers to help. I was in business for 20 years before being priested, and I am so sick of all these lay leaders who are certain that the answer to all our problems is simply that I should work more hours. We have tenure here in TEC and I am determined to out last them. For some reason I cannot explain, the concept of ministering to the poor doesn’t appeal to them… sigh