Louisa Irene Bradtmiller and the Rev. Katharine Elizabeth Stebinger were joined in a commitment ceremony Friday at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. The Rev. Joy M. Caires, an Episcopal priest, officiated.

Ms. Bradtmiller (left), 29, is an assistant professor in the department of environmental studies at Macalester College in St. Paul. Ms. Stebinger, also 29, is an Episcopal priest and a hospital chaplain at Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, Minn. She is the daughter of Caron R. Stebinger and the Rev. Peter A. R. Stebinger of Bethany, Conn. Her father is the rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Bethany. The couple met in 2009 at a belated New Year’s party at the home of mutual friends in Woods Hole, Mass. The fact that one of them is a woman of science and the other of religion is not an issue between them.

“I was raised by a biologist and a priest,” Ms. Stebinger said. “The Episcopal church has a lot of respect for intellectual curiosity and stewardship of all creation, and neither of those things clash with science. Louisa’s not particularly religious, but she has a really deep respect for the world as a scientist, and I think that’s pretty similar to my belief.”

She added, “She doesn’t try to teach me geochemistry, and I don’t try to take her to church.”

COMMENT: Is it just me, or are both lesbians and female priests getting cuter? Some of them don't even scare me nowadays and I scare easily when it comes to women.



  1. “I guess that one of the reasons humour “evolved” in human beings was so that dangerous enemies could, by having the mick taken out of them, be made to appear less dangerous.”

    Forgive me for being obtuse, but is your “humor” suggesting that women or lesbians are the dangerous enemies here?

    Of course, I’m just being funny.

  2. No, you are simply getting older than the ones who are marrying.

    They are a cute couple aren’t they? Considering they are causing 100% of all straight couples in Minnesota to divorce, it is interesting how loving and nice they appear!


  3. [“I’m in a mixed marriage, and my wife DEFINITELY takes me to church”: or so she’d have us believe! ;-p]

    they are causing 100% of all straight couples in Minnesota to divorce

    …because they are prompting the XX half of those straight couples to ponder, “Couldn’t I be doing a LOT better?” >;-)

  4. We have always been cute, Mad One, but because we weren’t in your market, you didn’t pay attention. Diffent strokes…

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