Not much time for blogging today as I've spent most of it on a very important mission for the British Government. I'm in deep cover posing as a taxi driver in order to keep an eye on two very suspicious foreigners who are making their way north through England, possibly heading towards Scotland. I have to hand it to them their disguise is brilliant. The older one of the two is posing as an absent minded, sweet old lady but I've sussed her already. She is obviously the brains behind some sinister plot to take over the world. Goodness knows what she has in store for us all if she succeeds. The younger one doesn't say much. But that's not surprising as nobody gets a word in edgeways once her companion gets in the car. The Australian has brought half a ton of luggage with her. I know she has a load of sophisticated communication equipment with her, in fact she's in constant contact with some unknown third party who goes by the name of Dah-veed (who I think is hiding in a bunker somewhere in Mexico of all places, most likely overseeing their dastardly plan). As for what else she is dragging around with her is anybody's guess and my guess is heavy artillery - which, if nothing else, will be useful for keeping the midges off when we get to Scotland.

Anyway, to keep you lot amused whilst I'm risking my neck for God and country, here's some photos of cute animals.

First off is a photo of my Glenna and Delphi from a walk we took near Wark Forest in Northumberland yesterday:

I've received the following photos from Cathy along with an explanation:

These two pics are of Coco, the kitty kat who as of this week owns my friends Michael and Stephanie. She is one whole bundle of cute!! They let her choose her own name by writing about half a dozen different names on different bits of paper, scrumpling them up and seeing which one she played with. She went for "Coco" and no mistake.

These gorgeous photos came from KJ. He says:

This is my elderly parents', elderly golden retriever - the one that one brother described as "just a dog," as if such a thing could be possible. I keep telling Nugget, who has his own cancer deal going on, he's got a job that is not yet quite complete, so "Hold on!"

He's Nugget III because my sainted mother, Virgie, is not very creative when it comes to naming, so Nugget I was my folks' first dog, a golden Cocker Spaniel. Nugget II was my high school dog, a gorgeous golden retriever beyond compare, and now, Nugget III. Long may he live!

Finally, this is JCF (if he was a dog) having just, somehow, blagged his way into the RevGalsBlog annual meet-up.



  1. JCf is super-handsome (one would expect no less). Delphi and Glenna are super-beautiful and gorgeous. Nugget is superlatively lovely. Awwwwwwwww!!!

    I don’t know who these two spies are that you are tailing, Mad Priest, but my advice is to take care. They sound dangerous in the extreme.

  2. ‘She is obviously the brains behind some sinister plot to take over the world. Goodness knows what she has in store for us all if she succeeds.’

    Can’t be any worse than what Rome or Canterbury might have in mind for us all methinks!

  3. That’s the sort of foolish complacency we humans tend to embrace to easily, David. Believe me, this “Mata Hari” is pure voodoo and has a criminal intelligence that far exceeds what the Grand Tufti possesses. Heck, in respect of transcontinental crime, I would put her on par with Naomi Campbell.

  4. Hi everyone. Mimi here from Newcastle.

    Johnathan has a sweet side that he doesn’t reveal very often. He was quite kind an patient with me when we went shopping for the prop0er shoew for me for trekking in Scotland. He picked ouu thick socks for me qnd even noticed when the clerk at checkout was charging me too much for my shoes. He’s a lovely man, you know even if he’s shy aqbout letting that part of himself shop.


  5. What Mad Priest has failed to spot is that the quiet one is operating Mata Hari by remote control from 200 yards down the street

  6. *sniff*
    Bless Nugget especially. It’s not an easy time.
    Some kind person wrote on my blog about the Rainbow Bridge and it’s a mark of how cut up I am that it made me cry and usually I think what rubbish.

  7. Hello, Viv.

    I always cry when I read or hear “The Rainbow Bridge” as well and I also typically have a huge dislike of sentimentality.

    It actually consoles me to visualize the animals among my blessed dead waiting there and then running toward me with joy when my time comes to join them.

    May you be comforted.

  8. Mimo is the quiet one’s shrunken evil assistant. He is also shadowing Mata Hari with a remote control and he works all the karate moves.

  9. Re “Mimo”: taking advantage of the NHS’s sex-reassignment services while abroad? ;-p [Queried JCF, somewhat enviously!]


    @Soppy Sheilas, Feline Subdivision: I am currently “-sitting” for SIX CATS! :-0 [My beloved BFF & fam has a bit of an addiction, methinks.]

    They’re all angels . . . except for whoever crapped in the corner of the master bedroom (not 6 feet away from one of the *7* litter boxes!).

    Have I mentioned I’m more of a dog person? ;-/

    [@Skittles: at least the lil’ darlins don’t get that gawdawful stinky wet food!]

  10. Be on guard. Mimo will return.

    Well, if the WV doesn’t beat all! It’s “garou”. The loup garou is a “a French legend of a human who changes into a wolf at his/her own will.”

    JCF, it seems that I will not need sex-reassignment after all.