A picture of 17 year old Tory Inglis and two gay men appeared in a front-page story June 12 in New Westminster’s Royal City Record newspaper promoting the local Gay Pride parade. About a month later, the minister at First Prebyterian Church, which she had attended all her life, called and asked to meet to discuss her involvement in the Pride event.

Tory said she met the minister and a female member of the church the next day, and she was told how she was promoting an improper lifestyle.

“Basically, they told me that I wasn’t being a positive role model for the youth in the church and the younger children, and that I was promoting a sexual lifestyle,” Tory told The Province Wednesday.

“I was so upset. I was crying during points of the meeting,” she said. “I’ve gone there ever since I was born. I was baptized there. So it’s really hard to hear from this place where I was pretty raised that I was now different.”

“I was one of the leaders of the junior youth group, and it’s not like every week I went up in front of the youth and said, ‘All right, let’s talk about how I’m gay this week.’”

The minister told her the church would prefer if she withdraw from the group that organized the pride events, Tory said, but she refused and withdrew her membership from the church instead.

“Above all, I want to promote peace and love and acceptance,” Tory said. “I would much rather be in a place that accepts people for who they are than a place that condemns people for loving.”

COMMENT: Meetings, like the one Tory had to endure with her minister, are nothing less than a form of sexual abuse, and in Tory's case the sexual abuse of a minor. Even the thought of those two self righteous Peeping Toms lewdly enquiring about the young lady's sex life makes me feel dirty - not in a nice way.

For choosing death not life, Tory's former
"pastor" is our Phobe Of The Day.

For choosing life not death, Tory is our...




  1. I wonder how many will follow Tory out of the youth group and out of the church?

    I was evangelized by some Unitarian Universalists last Sunday (with wine and cheese) and one couple mentioned how a hellfire sermon over not believing all the tenets of the faith drove them out of their former church (also called First Presbyterian but a different one) into the local UU church.

  2. Basically, they told me that I wasn’t being a positive role model for the youth in the church and the younger children, and that I was promoting a sexual lifestyle

    oh, why are these people so stupid!!! I just do not know where to start.

  3. Amen!

    Come the Judgment Day they believe in, I wouldn’t want to be those two Calvinist @sshats. That is all.

  4. Assuming that’s Tory’s affirming mom (in the pic), I’d say she’s a brick, too.


    True Story (re the headline): when I was a kid (yes, when Methuselah was still a young swinger), some neighbors worked for the UN’s Food and Ag program, and sometimes were sent overseas on its behalf.

    My reaction to one of their assignments?

    “They’re going to live in a cartoon? {probably pictured them new neighbors to Fred Flintstone} That’s so cool!”


  5. I agree with your accolade for this young gal – but have you read the comments on the page of the original article at “The Province”? If Tory Inglis has, then she’s going to be in need of prayer support from us all.

  6. Saintly Ramblings – I have read the comments now and feel I need to wash my brain. Most of them show a desperate inability to grasp the point of the story. Hopefully if Tory reads them she will spot that.

  7. I am really curious. What is promoting a sexual lifestyle?? It appears that Tory had her picture taken with two gay men to announce a Gay Pride parade. What is sexual about that? You could assume that she is a lesbian or that she is a straight person advocating for rights of lgbt people. I wonder what message this sends to other lgbt people and their friends in Tory’s former church?