I'm getting more than a bit annoyed at the way BLOGGER keeps double posting my stuff. I'm also peed off that they keep inserting extra italic instructions into the post html and creating gaps that shouldn't be there. If anyone knows how to stop this happening, please let me know (without any condescension in your tone, please).


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  1. Oh, I wish I had some advice for you. Fortunately, I have not had the douple post problem but the extra gaps have turned up practically forever and I have just reconciled myself to editing immediately to fix that whenever I post something new.

    Good luck. Ha! Let me know if you ever find out how to fix the gap business…

  2. I think the thread Erika found nails the code that is causing the duplicate posts.

    Are you using the blogger editor or typepad? I do not have italics issues with the blogger editor but I do not use its wysiswyg editor. I use the “edit html” option and insert my own formatting.


  3. I have my posts sent to my e-mal account and if I get two e-mails I know it is up twice. it usually happens after I have edited a post. I can then go in and delete the second (or first) post. You may be doing this already but since I read on a reader I get both posts. As far as preventing it from happening I am absolutely in the dark about it or I would prevent it myself. Just one of the things we have to put up with I guess.

  4. Yeah, I also refuse to use the wysiwyg editor and I’ve never had a problem. Maybe that’s it.

  5. Have you tried setting up your blog to receive email posts? Maybe that might help too.


    Once you post, if you click on “View blog”, at least you can see the double posts and delete. Alternatively, if you click on “Edit posts”, you can see the double or triple posts and delete them quickly.

    Another English sign I like is “WAY OUT”.

  7. I’ve been using Google Reader lately, and get the occasional double post from you and others (I thought it was probably due to editing and reposting). But after reading this post, I saw the Bobby Hebb post again…and again…and again. It showed up 21 times.

    A Sunday School teacher once told me that in the bible: if it’s important, it’s repeated; and if it’s repeated, it’s important. Clearly Bobby Hebb was VERY important!