1. “There was an old lady in the front just beaming when she saw this,” Keith said. “Ninety nine-point-nine per cent of the people in the church love Trapper and the kids play with him. It was just one person who got his nose out of joint and went to the head of the Anglican Church… I thought it was innocent and it made me think of the Blessing of the Animals.”

    Trapper is a lovely dog. What a load of fuss over something that as Trapper’s human quite rightly points out was innocent.

  2. Why couldn’t they have a separate tray of doggy treats consecrated for the dogs? At LEAST until we’re sure the wafers are healthy enough for the dogs.

  3. Oh, glad you found this!

    I’m so glad Donald felt welcome, and that the priest did something so lovingly impulsive.

    Good on her, good on Donald and good on the parish for not making a fuss.

    Bene D