Which is exactly how my cat, Henry catches baby birds. He just sits there staring at their nests until, for some strange, supernatural reason, they throw themselves out of the tree onto the lawn. Then Henry gets up, casually wanders over to where they have fallen and eats them.



  1. That pic is catloafing at its best. Maybe it’s waiting for a falling ABC: use the power! Use the power!


    WV: donestst

  2. I hate to say it but those baby birds wouldn’t have made it anyway. Better a cat scoffs them than they die of starvation on the lawn.

  3. Our former boarder-cat rejoined his human and is decimating rodents in his new neighborhood. Plus the occasional bird, being a cat.

    One of the charming new neighbors put a cable tie round the cat’s neck with threatening note attached about the birds. The implication being of course that next time he’ll pull the cable tie tight and kill the cat. If there’s a hell I hope there’s a special circle in it for people who do such things.

  4. My cats love Blue Jays, ..and more power to them, ..since I hate the nasty loud bastards. It’s too bad the cats are afraid of the crows, ..they are bitches too!!

  5. Note that she is exercising her mesmerizing powers through the window. I suspect her of having trained at Hogwarts in addition to under her momcat.

  6. My current cat, Lili, sans her front claws, is ecstatic over the presence of doves at the feeder, some 23cm from her perch at the breakfast nook window. Her predecessor Lucy, fully equipped, regularly conducted a class in Vigilance near her feeder (it was “pass-fail”); her tools were fully equipped for grading.

    We noted well the cacophony Lucy’s antagonists raised one spring, when a fledgling lay in her purview. The distractions were successful in keeping Lucy from such an easy prey.