From WBTV:

The power of prayer. That's what parishioners at one local church are banking on to stop massive oil spill in the Gulf. St. John's Episcopal Church on Carmel Road in South Charlotte held a prayer vigil Thursday night as part of a National Hour of Prayer where churches all over America prayed for the oil spill from 7 to 8 o'clock p.m. local time.

Sarah Morgan said prayer is the one thing you can always turn to.

"I feel helpless in the situation but I believe in the power of prayer," she said. "And I believe that when we appeal to God, that God hears and will answer our prayers."

Other parishioners like Jane Golz says the disaster in the Gulf makes it clear who is in control.

"Clearly God is in control of this and we are not," she said. "We don't have the answers or the technology to stop it but we through prayer would hope that God can help."



  1. Maybe God can do the lightning thing again and ignite all the oil slicks. Or ignite To…

    Bad Thought. Am I bitter? You betcha.

    I was at UC Santa Barbara right after the oil slick. We couldn’t go swimming in the ocean even when it was warm enough because of all the tar balls in the water. If it had gotten in my long hair, I would have had to cut it out.


  2. We’re going to Grand Isle tomorrow to see what we can see and try to find a tarball to pick up. I pray we don’t see any oiled birds or sea creatures.

  3. BP reportedly has crews going out at night to bag up the dead and dying carcasses to minimize PR damage, so you’re prayers will likely be answered (though perhaps not by who you expected).

  4. Tinythinker, BP, or someone, was burying the carcasses in the sand, and some of the bodies were coming uncovered. My friend Georgianne Nienaber wrote about them at The Huffington Post. I linked to her post and showed a photo of the head of a dolphin. The Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries is keeping count. All of the bodies are should be given to them to document.

  5. All of the bodies are should be given to them to document.

    I’ll bet they’ll end up on some poor secretary’s desk for her to deal with.