Heck, I'm no fan of Tories in general and David Cameron, our prime minister, in particular. But our beloved leader's speech in the House of Commons yesterday will, in my opinion, go down in history as one of the greatest moments in British parliamentary history. I am incredibly impressed. In fact, I can't remember ever having heard such perfect diplomacy and rhetorical brilliance from a prime minister of my country, with the possible exception of some of Churchill's war time speeches, and they were slightly before my time.

Whatever, our personal feelings about them, I believe that, in Cameron and Obama, the world may now be blessed with two leaders who, at the very least, know how to string a sentence together and deliver it clearly. That is quite an improvement on Brown and Bush who both spluttered and gaffed their words like small boys trying to convince a homeowner that it wasn't them who had kicked the football through their kitchen window.



  1. Thanks father David. I doubt that Mr Cameron wrote much, if any, of it. But he delivered it well. Dame Judy Dench didn’t write Shakespeare’s plays but I enjoy watching her perform in them. I enjoy and respect excellence wherever it may be found. In a world of Big Brother and Simon Cowell we need all the excellence we can get and should not despise it when it makes a rare appearance. Not even if it comes out of the mouth of Tory scum 🙂

  2. I agree, MP, and like Cecilia I wept. It is so important in the wake of great injustices to come the point where the truth can finally be told and apologies made (real apologies, not like some we have been hearing from a certain religious leader). It is moving to see and hear even when it’s not one’s own country that is involved, because it reassures us that as a species we are not beyond hope.