When Grandmère Mimi made her state visit to England last year we met up in Yorkshire and visited the quaint village of Lastingham for lunch.

After our meal, Mimi and me went to have a look in the church. On the way back to the car, we were Googled and have been immortalised on their street view function. Mrs MadPriest can be seen in the distance opening the boot of our car.



  1. They’ve rubbed out your face Mad One, but I see they didn’t take on the task of covering up your gut! Mimi, however, cuts a smart figure.

  2. You call that a gut? Not by American standards!

    Astonishing! You can even see the dogs in the car! Well, you have to wander down the road a bit, but you can see them! Mimi looks like she’s ready to fend off any ruffians who might try to steal her purse though! Is there now a plaque on the Blacksmith Arms reading “Mimi Was Here”?

  3. She didn’t have a purse at the time, Clumber. She was pulling her “I left my purse in a taxi” scam. I had been promised a slap up meal and we ended up sharing a packet of pork scratchings between the three of us.

    Even after watching “The Grifters” (which should have warned me about Southerners), I still fell for the oldest “little old lady” trick in the book.

  4. …and then she used you like a shield to get accross the street…tricky Americanos, like me and she, going to any length to try and avoid being hit by a whole Nation of ¨wrong way Corrigans¨ (who no doubt have been sent by +Rowan Williams to silence us)!

  5. There’s the whole purse thing with two countries divided by a common language. I lost what we’d call a wallet, but over there it’s a purse. That’s my handbag, as the English cousins call it, slung over my shoulder. I treated to lunch that day, and we had more than pork scratchings.

    I have a front view, with smudged faces, of the two of us if you’d like to have it. Imagine! Immortalized on Google!

  6. we had more than pork scratchings

    This is true. We managed to eat a whole basket of bread sticks before the landlord realised that we were vagrants.

  7. Mad Priest – ya got curly hair!!

    Mimi’s hair looks neat and tidy. In fact Boaz is right, she presents a trim figure. Obviously the pub didn’t manhandle you out the door all that roughly.

  8. Well despite the blanked-out faces, which faintly suggests there has been criminal activity, I think the two of you look rather fetching.

  9. WOW MP! You have come out of the closet. Our first real public glimpse of you.

    In fact, if one goes up the lane in street view and turns around and comes back, there you stand, brown slacks, grey jacket and blue plaid shirt.

    Cathy after you have Lastingham, York, United Kingdom in Google Maps, look for Front Street on the Satellite map of the village. Then drag the little human figure from the compass in the upper left corner unto Front Street. It will switch to Street View and you can travel up and down the street in either direction, as well as turn 360° all around and up into the sky.

  10. Dah-veed – I know dat, I found it, as ya can tell by my comments on Mad Priest’s curly hair (only he says it isn’t) – it was Lois who couldn’t find it.

    Mimi is not a short woman, 5ft8 I think she said at one point? so Mad Priest is a pretty tall sort of guy, by the look.

  11. and there you are! Hello Jonathan!

    Walking with Mimi behind that car.

    After, oh, what, 3.5 years, it is awfully nice to get a picture. Seriously. I’m glad that you told us about it!

    It is amazing that at that very second the google camera car drove by. Do either of you remember them going past?

  12. Are the pensioners across the street gathering to catch a glimpse of Mimi, or are they preparing to whack her with their canes and take off with her purse?

  13. Just for the record, I’ve gone on Google Maps and found all kinds of interesting things – the house I grew up in, homes of my family members, etc etc. I noticed a lot of changes in my old neighborhood too, and whoever is living in aunt Martha’s former house did some lovely landscaping on the property. Google maps is all kinds of fun to play with.

  14. Are the pensioners across the street gathering to catch a glimpse of Mimi

    Yes, KJ. They are the crowds lining the streets.

  15. It must be something about Yorkshire. We went walking on the North Yorks Moors in 2007 (so a year before the Royal trip) which involved a walk to Lastingham and on the way to the walk, in York, we got snapped by google street view. Rather more people, but I’m the bearded one.

  16. This really made my day! Many thanks to Google for this epiphany.

    However, I have to tell you that it won’t be ‘forever’. After awhile they will come around and shoot new video of the street. The first time I googled our house, about two years ago, I was a bit spooked to see our 1985 Tercel sitting in the driveway. It turned out that the picture had been taken in early 2004, just before my husband totaled that car and almost totaled himself. Since then the picture has been updated. The weird thing is that as you look at the house straight on, there is a blue car (the one we currently own)in the driveway, but when you shift one step to the left (west) the car disappears! Clearly there are mysterious powers at work in this google mapping enterprise.

    Anyhow, let’s enjoy this gift while it is available. Proof positive that the great meeting actually took place, uniting us all by extension in the great transatlantic communion, and that you all lived to tell the tale!

  17. thank goodness, I thought for a minute that this was a photo taken of a David Virtue attack drone, to take out both MP and GM Mimi!

  18. Chorus:
    Together forever and never to part
    Together forever we’re two
    And don’t you know
    I would move heaven and earth
    To be together forever with you!!