1. As long as it’s my SF Giants playing, I’ll not complain (still waiting for them to win SOME kind of “World Series” IN MY LIFETIME!!! :-0)

  2. amazing. I remember hearing a talk once, years ago, suggesting that the early elements of baseball had emerged from medieval village games. somehow in the process of coming to the new world, and starting a new country, much of the connection to the past was lost and we forget many of the origins of things we take to be distinctly American. It would be fascinating if this story turns out to be true, if the early version of the beautiful game had a history this old. Thanks!

  3. It is amazing to think that the history of baseball could extend back to the Middle Ages, back when the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series.

  4. Hey, Dennis, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night! There may yet be hope for our Cubs!


  5. Took a course on the history of sports back in college and the professor made clear that baseball as we know it did not just suddenly spring miraculously into being. It has clear roots in things like Rounders. Be interesting to discover if there are any known rules for the earlier “base-ball” game. Just to see what similarities they might share.

    Of course my dark American heart suspects that this is merely an “insurance” move by England as a back up that they’ll lose to the Yanks at football. Again.



  6. Actually, in England the word “baseball” is older than the word “rounders.” What we don’t know is which rules came first. The two sports are very similar and either could have evolved from the other. But, bearing in mind that baseball is a much more violent game than rounders, I would think baseball came first and was toned down to become rounders, and then taken up by girls’ schools. Most of our games are derived from all out battles and I don’t see why baseball/rounders should be any different.

  7. Apparently the field on which the battle of Bosworth was fought is now where the local girls’ school plays hockey. Hockey is ultraviolent so this seems more than fitting. In fact if Richard III had had the school team on his side way back when, he might have won, thus keeping out the Welsh pretender Henry Tudor.

  8. You still haven’t got the hang of English history yet, have you Cathy? You’re still treating it like some peer reviewed article off Wikipedia. English history is a lot more imaginative than that. In fact, when it comes to creativity and our past we are only surpassed by the Scots.

  9. No, just cos I’ve mentioned Wikipedia once in several months doesn’t mean I rely on it for my take on history, Mad Priest. Be fair!! But I agree with you about the tendency of the English to take a fantastical approach to the past. For instance, some even consider Charles I to be a saint.

  10. PS. I know more about your history than you do, Mad Priest.

    Argue with that, and you will feel my hockey stick.

  11. In the US the boys play baseball with a hard fist-sized ball and an overhand pitch. The girls play softball with a “soft” over-sized ball and an underhand pitch.

    As for hockey, in the US and Canada the boys play on ice with a puck and the girls play on a field with a ball. Both versions can be brutal!

  12. Why bother learning about history when you can quite easily make it up as you go along.

    Don’t think I hadn’t noticed that you did that.

  13. Also, ya know what, it’s a bit of cheek on your part to denounce me for supposedly getting my info about history from Wikipedia when you yourself have directed people to get information about history from Wikipedia earlier on this very thread.

  14. They are not allowed to.
    They are not British.
    Therefore there don’t have the history once delivered to the saints (well, Saint Bede).

  15. Well, yes, Cathy. But only because they just happened to have got it right on this one. I expect the entry was written by a Brit.

    Look, it’s best not to worry about the technicalities and just take my word on everything.