From The Revd Canon Kenneth Kearon to the churches:

Last Thursday I sent letters to members of the Inter Anglican ecumenical dialogues who are from the Episcopal Church informing them that their membership of these dialogues has been discontinued. In doing so I want to emphasise again as I did in those letters the exceptional service of each and every person to that important work and to acknowledge without exception the enormous contribution each person has made.

I have also written to the person from the Episcopal Church who is a member of the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Unity Faith and Order (IASCUFO), withdrawing that person’s membership and inviting her to serve as a Consultant to that body.

I have written to the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada to ask whether its General Synod or House of Bishops has formally adopted policies that breach the second moratorium in the Windsor Report, authorising public rites of same-sex blessing.

At the same time I have written to the Primate of the Southern Cone, whose interventions in other provinces are referred to in the Windsor Continuation Group Report asking him for clarification as to the current state of his interventions into other provinces.

These are the actions which flow immediately from the Archbishop’s Pentecost Letter.

Looking forward, there are two questions in this area which I would like to see addressed: One is the relationship between the actions of a bishop or of a diocese and the responsibilities of a province for those actions – this issue is referred to in the Windsor Continuation Group Report para 48.

Secondly, to ask the question of whether maintaining within the fellowship of one’s Provincial House of Bishops, a bishop who is exercising episcopal ministry in another province without the expressed permission of that province or the local bishop, constitutes an intervention and is therefore a breach of the third moratorium.

Kenneth Kearon is the Secretary General of Anglican Commmunion Office Bomber Command.

COMMENT: Now that caught me by surprise. I didn't think the Grand Tufti had the authority to instruct his hand picked henchmen to take this sort of unilateral action. As he has instructed them to do so I think we can say that, like that other great usurper of power before him, Napoleon, Rowan Williams is attempting a Coup D'État. As the clergy and leading laity of the Church of England are as easily duped as the French during Napoleon's rise to power, I think we can assume he will be successful.

And his reign shall last for 1000 years.



  1. Humph. The Anglican Church in North America won’t have to look to Nigeria and Uganda for guidance–they can get it straight from the Archbishop of Canterbury, since he’s kicking the Episcopal Church to the curb.

  2. How can you have dialogue with difference if you refuse to talk with those who hold an opposing view? It really is a self-defeating move and shows up Canterbury’s true colours. And since when did the Windsor Report achieve legalistic status? All the talk from Canterbury about the desire to maintain unity in the Anglican Communion is by this move revealed to be just meaningless spouting. This is no longer the Church into which I was called to exercise my ministry.

  3. I just had to go back and read the press release on the ABC Pentecost Letter… there it is:

    “Dr Williams goes on to makes(sic) two specific proposals.”

    And naturally, this lead to what the word proposal means:

    “1 a plan or suggestion, esp. a formal or written one, put forward for consideration or discussion by others”

    So now I’m confused… did the “Pentecost This, +++Bub” letter from ++KJS count as consideration and discussion? I think we’ve got a full fledged dog fight on our hands! This jamoke needs some talking to!

  4. Ignore the prats and get on with the daily parish work. This whole subject has little impact in the local churches where our concerns are raising money to pay for costs, repairs and the Diocesan Share. Personally I shall remain in communion with anyone who declares that “Jesus is Lord”, which will include people on both sides of the debate, and I shall encourage the congregations here to do the same despite any official pronouncements to the contrary.

  5. The ABC has been indulging in a great scheme of pretend…he´s loaded with vulnerabilities at the CoE and still fines time to strike out abroad and attempt to punish others…I do mean strike out and man is clearly not talented in leadership or the use of common sense…Dr. Williams is relies upon his resentments against Norte Americanos and TEC in particular…how dare TEC show him up to be the Jeffrey John violator that he really is! Best to pop off and have another cup of warm psychedelics with the old irresponsible pope…they can talk about lack of honor and abundant self-delusion, two character items the deadly cowards have in common…they are largely responsible for the domonizing and marginalizing others at Church…they breed fear and hate.

  6. That’s exactly how I read it, Clumber. And I know we are divided by a single language but the meaning of the word “proposal” appears to be identical in England and the US. But I don’t speak the “conniving little toe rag” dialect spoken in some parts of Wales and Oxford. I’m thinking that it might mean something different in that particular tongue.

  7. The ABC “proposes” and the Secretary General, acting on the orders of the ABC, then “disposes?” One supposes.

    However, the well considered response of +KJS to the ABC’s Pentecost letter should have left no doubt in his mind that TEC was not going to roll over and submit. I’m sure that TEC stands ready to respond to this latest power play.

  8. Yes, Ormonde. The big, bad bully, England is pushing those peace loving Americans around again. Never mind, when people from Mexico and such complain about you pushing them around you can now reply that it’s not as bad as what Rowan Williams did to you AND you can remind them that Britain had an empire once just like the Persians.

  9. Mad One, the bog standard Episcopalian is not an American imperialist. However, I can not speak for those who find the bog standards revolting. I don’t think that they’re at our party anymore, but OCICBW…

    I firmly believe that the international inclusive should just go about doing what we do, hopefully including ignoring charges of “imperialism” while attempting to help those that the church would cast aside. History shows that most of the rest will catch up at some point.

  10. It is for exactly those reasons that I identify myself as a “Church Alumni” – I believe in the One who experiences the universes created through the creation. The messes that are churches seem to me to just be places for sself-aggrandizement and control – especially when I read things like this.

    BTW – I cannot get Blogger to accept the nice comment you left on my blog. We will see if this gets through

  11. Of course, Dr. Williams is an individual. I do not claim to be an expert on CoE polity but it appears that the way the communion has evolved he is also in the position of control. No one really supervises his actions within the CoE as they impact the rest of the communion. He really is not accountable. Of course until the Windsor fiasco, no one thought it was a problem because no one thought the communion was a church.

    In a real sense we cannot even say, “Schism” now. There is nothing to schism.

    One rather assumes that PB Jefferts Schori won’t get an invite to the next primate’s meeting. That too lies entirely under the un-supervised control of the archbishop. Which leads to an interesting problem, as she is still a member of the standing committee. 😉 He cannot revoke that. I suppose the meeting can inform her they have un-elected her. That will move this from the realm of one archbishop’s action to many if it happens, and to high comedy if he does not have the votes.

    So Dr. Williams has set out to produce a purified communion. American free, Southern Cone free (not a bad thing that) and presumably R’wandan free. I wish him the joy of it.


  12. “KJ. Everything has changed.”

    I agree, but that does not mean Gospel rabble needs to accommodate. Let’s live into what’s real while others play their games of make believe. This is the only way to live at a micro level, and I highly recommend it at the macro level.

  13. No. Everything at OCICBW… has changed.

    It was a “Lord of the Flies” moment and I don’t think there is any going back.

  14. Bad, bad Rowan. Go to the corner, Rowan. Go to sleep, Rowan. Do it, Rowan, or there’s a little paw slapping in the wind. Nice little Rowan.

    Jane: where are you?

  15. Going back to MP’s original comment on the article posted, the CofE is faced with an ABC who is taking on popoid powers and the easily duped clergy and leading laity of the CofE are going to roll over and take it, and the effect of that coup will be long-lasting, leaving the every-day CofEer with a church they never wanted. So what are people like MP to do? This isn’t just about us U.Sers. This thing Rowan has done has implications for a very long time and only the leadership of the CofE can stop it. And they probably won’t.

    I personally feel violated by this latest move by Rowan. My church has been told to go to the parents’ bedroom, take down daddy’s belt from the back of the door, and wait there to be beaten. I’m afraid, however, that since our TEC leadership, for the most part, will not abandon us, it is the CofE that will receive the worse beating because they have to live with this man and no one will lift a finger to change that.

  16. The ABC’s moves seem just so damn petty in the light of the catastrophe we’re facing in the Gulf, in the light of the war to relieve Gaza, in the light of our continuing futility in Afghanistan, in the light of LGBT’s being imprisoned, beaten, and dying because of who they are that it’s mind-numbing to me just how little perspective he and his minions have.

    Rowan Williams has just made the Anglican Communion much, much smaller and he doesn’t seem to notice it, so caught up is he in his own ideas of his self-important magisterium.

    Perhaps Canada’s “put up or shut up” bill about the Covenant was the best response. Throw the ball back to him until he realizes how stupid his gamesmanship is.


  17. What –sheila– wrote! but TBH, I find all of this “too tarsome,” as Georgie Pilson would say!