Drunken youngsters, on the last day of the village fair in Alhaurín el Grande, beat one of the young bulls used for running through the streets of the Málaga town, to death. The torture was carried out in the town’s bullring where the youngsters tortured the animal with kicks, beatings and by pulling its neck.

The Caseta de la Juventud was open to the early hours of the morning and many of the drunk youngsters went directly to the bullring.

The police did nothing and the organisers merely released a second animal which soon underwent the same torture.

It was a festival of animal ill-treatment which ended in the animal exhausted and badly injured and having to be sacrificed, and the public who witnesses the butchery proud of the town’s young men.

WARNING:This video, put together by MadPriest, contains scenes of the actual incident reported above. Those scenes are fucking obscene and some of you may not wish to view them.

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  1. Anyone who abuses an innocent animal who has no clue why it is being attacked is evil.

    It wouldn’t matter if they were Spaniards or Africans or Polynesians or whatever.

  2. Agreed with Tracie but having said that, Spain has an absolutely abysmal record when it comes to animal welfare. Bullfighting itself is basically torture. This is only an extension of that.

  3. I couldn’t make it to the end. This film alone would make me never want to go to Spain and give them my tourist dollar.

  4. Given the same country has pushed donkeys into the ring with maddened bulls in recent times, this evil spectacle is hardly surprising. What one earth makes the cowardly, cruel men doing this think it is in any way appropriate?

  5. Nothing new. Lord Kenneth Clark, on introducing his excellent series “Civilization” noted that he would not be including Spain in his coverage of the growth of western civilization because, as he put it, during the period covered by the program, “Spain was busy being Spain.”

  6. I cannot look at this as any form of cruelty to animals makes me sick. Anyone who abuses an animal is the absolute lowest life form. This is totally disgusting.

  7. Unless there has been some amazing duplication of architecture, one of the still photos in the montage is actually of Balboa Park in San Diego.

  8. Very difficult to make it to the end. Those who perpetrated the act, those who applauded it, and those who allow it are very little people. What an upside down view of creation.

  9. If they can do that sort of torture to an animal, they will do it to another human being.

    I have chosen not to watch. I still am haunted by that video of the dog in the road that had been hit; I never made it to the end of that video either and still cry figuring the dog died or was hit by another car.

  10. I can’t watch this sort of thing. I just can’t. Those evil monsters should have the same thing done to them.