Prince Charles of Wales carries the banner of a dozen Charles’ before him back to Charlemagne “Charles the Great”. Britain stems from “B’rth” which means “Covenant Man”. Should he take the throne of Great Britain, he will also assume the title “King of Jerusalem”, replacing his royal mummy who has been the self proclaimed “Queen of Jerusalem” since 1953. Antichrist will indeed be ruling autocratically from Jerusalem, and Charles controls much of the world’s natural resources and monetary wealth through his 24 honorary knights in the “Order of the Garter”. The “Garter” refers to a witch’s belt, and a supposed bloodline going back to Cain and indeed the dragon who Charles believes had sex with Eve behind Adam’s back in the Garden of Eden to produce the dragon race called “Canaanites”. He blames God for humanity’s expulsion from the Garden, and wants to lead humanity back into it. Charles is even related to Vlad the Impaler, the Romanian blood lusting tyrant who became immortalized as “Dracula”.

Charles not only reveres the Koran, he reportedly converted to Islam in a 1993 ceremony in Istanbul, was recently married in a Druid ceremony by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and is the leader of Gaea (Earth Worship), which he calls “Sustainable development”.



  1. Huh??? I guess it’s too early in the morning over here for me to make any sense of this.

    I tried to click on the link, by the way, but it doesn’t work.

  2. It works for me. My guess is that you’ve been blocked by his anti-Antichrist software (well, the black cat rather gives it away, doesn’t it?).

  3. Ha! So now I’m the Anti-Christ, huh? Well, isn’t that special?

    I’ll go tell Leroy right away! (He’s the black cat in the photo. He’ll be ever so impressed!)


  4. One thing is obvious, this idiot is American. No Brit would think Charles is that important.


  5. I don’t know about “new” (OK Chuckles was a bit of a surprise), but the site seems to be one of the most comprehensive (though disorganized) conglomerations of Occult, eschatological, anti – (fill in blank), lists ever. Congratulations on finding this midden for all future archaeologists of outre’.

  6. That roused me from my morning funk. It is hard to be blue when you are falling down laughing. Just the very mental image of ++Rowan presiding over a Druid wedding ceremony is one I will forever have trouble erasing from my mind. He does rather look as if Tolkien invented him, does he not?

  7. The tangential “line” of thought would suggest schizophrenia is a piece of this author’s concerns, but the one regarding which he is unlikely aware.

  8. Finally, an antidote to the “British Israelites”, whose peculiar theology that Jesus was from a lost tribe of Jews that settled in England and not from those Semitic folks, has devolved into a “White Supremacy” cult. (Missouri has a British Israelite-derived denomination (“Christian Identity”) in small rural Ozarks towns.)

    Put them together and make a warp drive?

  9. Well, we know for a fact that Jesus founded the Church of England when he visited England as teenager with his Uncle Joseph of Arimathea. But we’ve always assumed that he was a bog standard progressive Jew. Heck, Uncle Joe even had a tailoring business in Glastonbury.

  10. Wow, way to take a paragraph from a 6 page article and slap it on your blog, making fun of it. Do me a favor, don’t link to my site again and keep your brainwashed sheep away from it as well. Their delicate minds can’t handle it. Thanks.

  11. But you are so funny, Merc. So, you keep putting this quality of stuff out there on the Net and I’ll keep linking to it. A humourist of your stature should have as wide an audience as possible.

    That Prince Charles skit was hilarious. Thank you so much.

  12. The fact that you responded to this comment so quickly shows me that you seemingly have no life and merely sit there waiting for people to post you comments so you don’t feel alone any longer. What you deem as humor others deem as interesting and factual. You can’t dispute history and just because you can’t wrap your 90 IQ, feeble mind around it, the theories are quite solid. You go an believe the antiquated, psychobabble, BS rhetoric that you’ve been spoon-fed. Like everyone else, you’ll wake up, unfortunately it will be too damn late. Now there’s something to laugh at. Your site and writing suck, don’t quit your day job. At least change the blog name to “I could be dead wrong.” I guess those that can’t write something worthwhile make fun of others that do. Apparently as clueless as you are you must indeed learn something new, everyday. Oh yeah 10,000 comedians out of work and you want to be one… l8r h8r