1. My nephew is in Israel at the moment, on his third all-expenses paid trip with an educational foundation called Hillel.

    I doubt he will make this connection, and he’s young enough still to swallow everything his hosts tell him whole, without thinking critically. I’ve been appalled, of course, by how easy it was to see the uncomfortable parallels between Israel’s partitioning of Gaza, and the Warsaw ghetto. Ugh.

    My nephew’s enthusiasm for all things Israel is a bit worrisome for the rest of the family, as they are not religious or observant beyond cultural things like holiday foods. His parents think it’s just fine, as they are more conservative, but really it’s because Hillel helps pay some of the bills for their son because he has a part-time job at their campus facility.

    I doubt we’ll be discussing this at the family get-together today for the US Memorial Day holiday. It’s a little too… close to the bone.

    Still, I’m totally stealing this graphic, you know. Bless you.

  2. Ginny, perhaps it’s my biased education as a young man, but I missed the part about the Jews of Warsaw launching multitudes of rockets at, and calling for the genocide of, the Nazis and the surrounding Polish civilians.

    Okay, sarcasm off to make the essential point here which you seem to be overlooking.

    Hamas is an organization dedicated to genocide. Their ideal is a Judenrein Holy Land. (Sorry, don’t know the Arabic equivalent of Judenrein.)

    This self proclaimed humanitarian flotillas (and remember, anyone can call themselves humanitarians. Just like anyone can call themselves Christians) was actively aiding and abetting Hamas and therefore actively aiding and abetting planned genocide. That’s the context in which this incident must be seen.

  3. Hamas is an organization dedicated to genocide.

    Maybe. But the only difference between them and Israel in this respect is that Hamas is failing to achieve their aims. The situation is pretty much exactly the same as the white man and the native American in the USA. Perhaps that’s why the American government has traditionally been very supportive of Israel. To condemn Israel would be to condemn themselves.

  4. I’ve met some of those taking part in the humanitarian flotilla, and heard them speak here in Ireland, including Dr. Fintan Lane, Caoimhe Butterly, Mairead Corrigan-Maguire (“Peace People”, Nobel peace prize)and ex-UN asst. secretary general Denis Halliday, and to suggest that they are Hamas supporters is simply phrase-mongering. Michael Martin, our Foreign Affairs Minister and neither an aider nor an abetter of Hamas, has told the Israeli ambassador that “the flotilla is not an armada of hate and violence … The people on board the ships are people of deep conviction and humanitarian concern . . . who wanted to bring aid to Gaza and highlight the situation there and their opposition to it” which, suprisingly enough for a politician, seems to be a clear and honest description of the situation.

  5. A Conservative UK government has condemned the Israeli action. This is like George W. Bush condemning a multi-national that contributed to his campaign expenses. I think we can be certain that Israel has done something very wrong this time.