Something is wrong with BLOGGER tonight. Some of the comments you are sending in are coming through on my email but I am unable to publish them. A few are getting through to my dashboard and I can publish them from the dashboard, but it's only about 10%. I expect it will sort itself out. The main thing is not to get paranoid and start blaming me for rejecting your perfectly fine words of wisdom etc. etc.


BLOG NOTICE — 7 Comments

  1. Good grief! Can it be that, for once, I’m in the lucky 10%?

    Jonathan, what you’re experiencing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Blogger will eventually fix it.

  2. Something seems to be screwy with their template designer too, at least on the new Blogger In Draft.

    wv: ativa

    Some kind of new sport bike-thing. “The new Ativa, by Honda!”