Here are my three border collies enjoying a splash in the North Sea at Bamburgh last Saturday. In the distance you can see the Farne Islands where Saint Cuthbert used to hide to get out of doing the washing up at the Lindisfarne monastery.



  1. Oh WOOF! But let’s be fair and give them all names, please? And for me, perhaps their email addresses… I think I’d like to hang out with the Mad Dogs!

  2. “The Mad Dogs”, I like!

    Awwww, they’re so lovely. Dogs splashing about in water always look like they’re having so much fun. I want names too and which is which? Where in the pic is the dog who whacked Mad Priest in the eye, please?

  3. What wonderful dogs! And, yes, they look as if they are having a great time. I agree with +Clumber and Cathy. Let’s have names!

  4. Let me guess. That’s huge, old Callum in the water. On the left is anti-social Glenna, (Jonathan’s dog, that he trains to dislike everyone but himself), and, on the right, Delphi, the sweet beauty.

  5. Petty. There can’t be that many advantages to having mobility problems, but I’ve checked, and evidently it is the law, that you must be provided with an assistance dog of your choosing. I would think Theme’s recurrent problem also qualifies and as he obviously doesn’t want his, you could have two.

  6. But where, MP, is your obligatory “Callum’s trying to get away from the wimmins and their trouble”? ;-/

    But this: “enjoying a splash in the North Sea” I don’t believe AT ALL. ‘Fess up: you took ’em to Spain, right? Costa del Sol? (that Bright Thing wot you see in the sky—except in Blightey).

    Pet the pups for me! 🙂