I have just posted the following on my facebook page.

I have now been blocked from posting topics on my own discussion board at Of Course, I Could Be Chin Wagging... Why? Because I got the verification wrong a couple of times. My glasses are broken and my new pair won't arrive until next week.

Tomorrow I will be cancelling all my facebook involvement. If you all want to stay with this two bit operation which can't organise a piss up in a brewery that's up to you. I've tried to follow you over here but it seems to be some sort of fascist state. I'm going back to Blogger and Typepad, who have never let us down on security and who don't block their clients for having poor eyesight or wanting to make more friends.

OCICBW... has it's own facebook type facility called CHIN WAG AT OCICBW... Check out my blog for details of what it's about and how to gain access.


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  1. I knew that the marriage between MadPriest and Facebook was not made in heaven, but I did not think the divorce would come quite so soon.

    I contributed to a couple of your discussions to help you get going, Jonathan, but I had no plans to continue at the Facebook discussions, because I don’t have time to visit another venue.

  2. hiya Mad Priest, surely there’s a way of fixing that?… No way would they permanently block you out. There’s always a way of getting back in.

  3. The trouble is, KJ, that the response on my discussion page was fantastic. Just like the old days here. And I was told by some of our old friends over there that they didn’t have time to visit two platforms so they only read the stuff on facebook nowadays.

    I am leaving as a matter of principle, not because the experiment failed.

  4. There is no right of appeal. I have been waiting for my invite friends facility to be re-inatated for nearly a week. I cannot wait that long to have access to my own discussion page reinstated.

    Fuck ’em, anyway.

  5. I have been waiting for my invite friends facility to be re-inatated for nearly a week.

    That’s a bit crap.

  6. “…I was told by some of our old friends over there that they didn’t have time to visit two platforms so they only read the stuff on facebook nowadays.”

    In Evangelical Land, this is what would have called a “spiritual problem.”

  7. Sure, just when I go and actually post something on the facebook OCICBCW discussion board, you go and pull up stakes.

  8. JCF would smile smugly (having “as a matter of principle” refused to drink the Facebook Kool-Aid) . . . but fears that might p*ss off (in US terms) our host enough that he might discontinue OCICBW, in favor of the Facebook experiment!

    Seriously: 5+ years ago, I got burned by Friendster. That sufficed for me to write off the on-coming “Social Media” craze. I’m a cog in the Google wheel, and that’s enough, thank you.

  9. Jonathan, you’re better off without Facebook.

    Facebook never seems to responds to their users issues, like what you experienced. I was a member of the the Angola Prison Rodeo page on Facebook. It’s administrators had vacated the page, so I asked to take it over, as a Rodeo was coming up.

    I have a good friend in Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola, so thought the Rodeo page would be a good way for those of us with friends and loved ones doing time to interact, and possibly meet up together at the Rodeo.

    Facebook never responded to my requests either. In fact, I’ve come to learn they pretty much don’t respond to anyone.

    It’s not a fascist thing — it’s a biblical thing. If people are going to vacate your blog for Facebook….well, think of it as separating the wheat from the chaff.


  10. I loved the FB discussions although it was a real pain having to go over there as well as checking out here and ChinWag.

    I agree, discussions were somehow more lively, but the contributors were the same old crowd.
    So why on earth did it work over there and doesn’t on ChinWag?

  11. I am rather sorry you are not going to stay with it. I recommended many of my FB friends to you and they were just beginning to discover you. Most of them are fellow Episcopalians and I hope they will follow to your Blog, but they are soooo FB one can never tell.

  12. I’m with BooCat, I was enjoying it and it was nice to link up with the other OCICBWers on FB too.

  13. I think this is a mistake. But you are of age.

    Your page over there was finding an audience of folks who commented and expanded the community and the reach of your ideas. OK, so FB screwed up and annoyed you. ;;shrug;; I think several of us here have done that too!


  14. Good grief! Even the Tories and Lib Dems have outlasted you and facebook. And I thought they were made for the Jerry Springer Show.

  15. I dislike the Facebook site intensely, and I would be out, too, if FB was not the most convenient way to communicate with several family members and close friends, mostly through private messages. Either the site is confusing and user-unfriendly, or I’m just dumb. I don’t trust the security there, either.

  16. Serious question, Mimi (I didn’t stay around long enough to work much out) – if you just want to correspond with close friends and family why is facebook better than plain old emails or the telephone?

  17. I don’t argue with you a lot, and given that your blog gets more readers in 20 minutes than I do in a day maybe I shouldn’t but none-the-less no, they locked out the account because the signon system said it was jeopardized. I have written those systems and that is how they work. The system will re-cycle and become available soon. **You** are offended and annoyed and I get that but the question is whether that is a reason to abandon a successful expansion of the OCICBW mission that you can recover with a bit of patience.

    Dude, it is your call but I still think it is a mistake.


  18. Jonathan, Facebook is better than plain old email because, I get quicker responses from FB messages than from email, which must mean that those I write to check their FB messages more often than they check email. Using FB for messages is not better for me, but it seems better for most everyone else. The notification of a message waiting for me at FB comes in through email, so why the extra step?

    FB is overwhelming to me. There’s too much there for me to focus. Half the time I couldn’t even find your discussions, Jonathan. I know. The problem is all mine.

  19. I have no problems with systems. But all systems must have a human override. If not the system is tyrannical and I don’t back down to tyrants to the point of losing my life. The fact that so many people have accepted the way facebook treats and regards them answers a question that has bugged me all my life – If there are so few of “them” and so many of us, why don’t we just kill them and take back what “they” have taken from us?

    Most people put their wants and their hopes before their integrity and that is why the vast majority actually end up with so very little. The only time you should not put personal integrity first is when you are called upon to save another person from harm.

  20. Ah! Well my only friends are bloggers who obviously have their email alerts on all the time, like thee and me. And I speak to my family on the telephone. But then it is a very small family compared to yours.

  21. I enjoyed meeting up with you on Facebook and will miss you there.

    But I also may be vacating it soon because of its stupid so-called “privacy” policy.

    I’ll see you in Chin Wag, though!

  22. Yes, it’s very similar to Jim’s. Although I understand his is a bit longer and looks like it’s been used a lot more than yours.

  23. Y’know, Mad Priest, having told me off for stringing the innuendo out, I notice you’ve kept it merrily rolling on no less than TWO threads with two different people. So, there was plenty of life in the old dog yet, is the moral of that story.

    Mimi, I really did not expect a link to a naughty picture at all.

  24. (I don’t mean to overdo these things, BTW, but I’m afraid one thing I’m more than practised at doing after all these years of plying my trade is always thinking of an answer.)

    wv – flacize! Of course that’s what wv has come up with.

  25. I see that I posted my dulcimer comments on the Facebook thread. Sorry about that. I was wondering why my comments didn’t show up on the other thread.