A "Stay At Home" Meme

Tracie the Red writes:

Well, if you ever do get the urge to emigrate, the US really isn't the place for an open socialist, for sure.

But if you did emigrate, where would you like to go?

I'm just curious.

Well, Tracie, as I am not going to emigrate I can treat this question hypothetically and ignore things like personal safety and such. So, bearing that in mind, I would choose New Orleans. In my opinion it is the birthplace of modern popular music and I have a romantic view of it that I realise bears very little similarity to the truth. But, as I will never go there, it can be whatever I want it to be.

But what about the rest of you? If you had to (so don't bother with the "I love my country" crap) where would you emigrate to and why? It can be anywhere in the world.


A "Stay At Home" Meme — 67 Comments

  1. We have open socialists in the U.S., lots of them, in fact.
    As for New Orleans, I lived there for 8 years and still miss the food. Great city- any excuse to eat, drink, and be merry.
    You don’t have to emigrate forever. How about a tour of duty for a couple of years on this side of the Pond?

  2. Florence, because northern Italy is heaven, period. Great food, music, scenery, people, history, architecture, art – what’s not to love?

  3. I’m torn as there are many places I can see myself living in…and I’ve not been much of an England fan for years. France for me though…a town called Sallanche..near enough the mountains for my ski obsession and it has a train station to take me anywhere in Europe I’d like to spend my time visiting.

  4. As long as we’re dreaming, a palazzo in Florence, and maybe a villa on Lago di Maggiore in the Alps.
    Maybe a place on Capri too.

    Reality would probably be an apartment in Montreal, if I had to go into exile.
    Since Michael carries an Irish passport and can work there, an apartment in Dublin is another possibility.

    My friend David Kaplan says that the trickiest part about escaping into exile is getting your money out without raising suspicion. He says that you should always buy a round-trip ticket and pack light so that no one thinks you are escaping.
    His family has had practice with this sort of thing.

  5. Japan.
    I’ve never felt as safe anywhere else even in the middle of the night in a busy town. I even had a full purse returned! And the food is divine.

  6. I fear, Doug, that like me and most of the gang round here, you probably fall into the “can we help you with your luggage” category.

  7. Just pointing out that I am a Very Open Socialist and many of my friends are too. Many places in the US, including some surprising places are quite fine with us, and dislike the idea of us more than us as people or advocates.

  8. Mull. Beautiful surrounds, ferry or boat to Iona, Staffa. For a U.S. person accustomed to long drives in one day, not far from ferry to Lewis and Harris. Travel to anyplace in England I want to go. I love mountains, especially heathered mountains. And water. And ferries – the ferry trip to Lewis is the best.

  9. What on earth has Iceland done to warrant both an erupting volcano that threatens the whole planet and Ellie Finlay?

  10. If I’m taking David Kaplan’s advice, I will be carrying my own luggage into whatever country will have me.
    Maybe Michael and I could shack up with Goran in nice neutral Sweden.

    But, if Bill Gates loses his mind and gives me a billion dollars out of the kindness of his heart, then have the servants unload the moving vans at I Tatti. I’ll just hire the Italians to drive for me.

  11. I suggest RENTBOY.COM. They offer a very good luggage carrying service and, I understand, also provide a relaxing body tone up after a long day’s travelling.

  12. My apologies for likening you to an active volcano that threatens the whole world, Ellie. To be exact, you are more like a dormant volcano that might, one day, if the pressure builds up too much, erupt and threaten the whole world.

  13. Late to the meme…

    St. Petersberg. The very history of that city. Yes, the climate. My family roots come from Eastern Europe and I am drawn to Russian culture and history. I even find myself a wee bit curious about the Orthodox church (well, at least their churches).

  14. I would like to move to a medium sized town or smaller in a place with a pleasant climate (neither too hot or too cold) where I could teach math, computer apps or business at the secondary level (14-20 year old level, but adults are fine, too.)

    Or a place with a job coordinating things & people.. helping people understand ‘stuff’ …. just not in a big city.

    Doesn’t have to be in the US, but some variation of English may need to be spoken there by almost everyone…. even as a second language.

  15. “I suggest RENTBOY.COM. They offer a very good luggage carrying service and, I understand, also provide a relaxing body tone up after a long day’s travelling.”

    Now there’s a thought! Maybe I should ask Dr. Reekers and all the other closet sisters at FARTH about the quality of the service.

  16. some variation of English may need to be spoken there by almost everyone….

    Of course, Skittles. In fact, that should be a universal law, full stop (variation on English: “period”).

  17. Iceland.

    That is, so long as they aren’t completely broke. This is pipe dreamin’, right, so in my dream the nation is quite wealthy, actually.

    From what I understand, Iceland is quite progressive socially AND Asatru is not only a legally recognized religion but it seems to have a level of social acceptance as well. 🙂

  18. Remember that you are in serious danger of being raped by elves in Iceland. Of course, for some people this may be part of the attraction of the country.

  19. I’m with EHC – actually, we’re hitched, so I just go where she tells me. She keeps mumbling something about a Mistress Elaine having to discipline me…..

  20. Too many lovely places to choose one. Maybe Victoria Island, Canada. Surrounded by water and better weather than Maine. Heaven.

  21. France – the south-west, inland of Bordeaux. Great food, great wines, warm weather, violent thunderstorms, village markets, ancient churches, friendly people, croissants and strong black coffee, and a generally more realxed attitude to living.

  22. I emigrated in 1970 from east of the Mississippi to Northern California. I love living in Berkeley which is close enough to anywhere I want to be.

  23. No “I love my country” crap, because my choice is not in my country. I’d choose New Orleans. Despite the murder rate, folks move around the city every day without getting killed. Tom and I were in NO just last night to have dinner with my daughter and her new fella.

    Alison and her new friend regularly make the rounds of the jazz clubs on the fringes of the French Quarter – not the tourist spots – and live to tell the tale.

  24. Not a clue..haven’t seen enough of the world to decide – although I’ve seen enough of where I live to determine it’s ass.

  25. Motheramelia, Surely you mean Vancouver Island and not Victoria Island! It is difficult for me to believe that Victoria Island’s weather would be preferable to Maine’s, but I suppose the Inuit might differ with me on that. However, speaking as a Pacific Northwesterer, Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria are wonderful.

    As for me, it would be off to the UK, but I need to visit before I would know exactly where. Some quaint, little village. I could be the town ‘mo.

  26. This is England, KJ. You’ll have to wait your turn to be the village “mo.” For a start, the vicar will, more likely than not, be in front of you in the queue.

  27. Southern France. Mediterranean climate and life-style, French cooking, petanque in sunny weather with the other old men, Pastis. I speak the language and can almost read Occitan. Runner-up: Tuscany.

  28. Is that the Victoria Hotel in Rushden, Northamptonshire or the Victoria Hotel in Beeston, Nottingham? I’ve been to both a few times.

  29. I didn’t follow the rules of the meme and say why I’d live in New Orleans. For many reasons, but, first and foremost, because I left my heart and soul in the city, and I want my heart and soul back.

    Of course, Jonathan, your choice and mine of a place to live may die because of the major disaster that there was less chance of than was originally expected. Between Katrina and the federal flood and now the oil gusher, New Orleans and south Louisiana may not survive in any way that resembles its present, already precarious reality.

  30. San Francisco; decent weather, good grub and a laid back vibe. Men is short tartan skirts I believe are particularly welcome!

  31. Men in kilts are very appreciated in San Francisco, Fr Dougal, tartan or leather. The cost of housing is exorbitant, parking spaces are at a premium, and the summers are frigid as the fog rolls in, but it is lovely and it is one of the rare cities in the US with public transportation that works for lots of people.

  32. Canada, the big 3 (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal)
    Denmark, Norway
    I am rather limited by lack of fluency in other languages. If given time to come up to speed, I could manage basic French and perhaps other Romance languages and German. I really ought to be able to manage basic “low Germanic” languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Flemish) which are said to be the easiest for English speakers due to their relatively recent divergence.

  33. During the warm months….Stockholm, Sweden. Blondes and Aquavit.
    Other half of the year…..south of France. Brunettes and champagne.
    Both: few Anglicans!

  34. Oh, that is so cowardly of you, David G. I think you should emigrate to Saudi Arabia and declare that a clothing optional country. Now that would be telling the man.

  35. San Salvador, El Salvador because there is a huge piece of my heart there and I am already connected with the church there


    Paris because I lived there years ago and loved it or Conques because it is on the Chemin de Saint Jacques and the abbatial church is so holy; either one would work; besides I am fluent in French


    somewhere in northern Spain along the Camino de Santiago because I have walked said camino, am fluent in Spanish and could help pilgrims

  36. I have been the height and breadth of Canada, the USA and Mexico, although I am still waiting for my train trip the length and back of la Barranca del Cobre de Chihuahua (the Copper Canyon), a ntural wonder that makes the Grand Canyon a mere ditch, so I would like to go live in New Zealand.

    Because it is mountainous, green with rich, verdant forests and yet, being an island, nowhere is very far from the sea.

  37. Paul, Perhaps we could get a time share in the south of France and organize group tours to Proust sites wearing kilts. What fun!

  38. If I had to emigrate it would probably be to somewhere on the British Isles. I’m thinking either northern Wales or northern Scotland because they are both rather rural and I could thus have a bit of solitude.

    If not the British Isles, Iceland could be an option but I would be afraid that there would be way too many elves around; plus Ellie and Tracie have already have established beach heads there.

    Maybe Greenland would be nice, I’ve always wanted to see musk oxen….

  39. The United States, specifically New England or Washington/Oregon, but other places too. Why? Lots of reasons: the political culture; the high degree of social ‘quality’, ie respect for neighbours; more practically, for the sort of job I’d quite like to do the opportunities are vastly greater than in England; the absence of the dead hand of establishment; they speak (a variant form of) English – plus: I already have lots of friends there.

    You can tell, it’s something I give serious thought to 😉

  40. Because it is mountainous, green with rich, verdant forests and yet, being an island, nowhere is very far from the sea.

    Also, Gandalf lives there, and the hobbits. And elves, and we all know elves find humans attractive (it’s not just the Icelandic ones). So, you’d be in clover there, Dah-veed.

  41. Upper Ontario Canada near the Algonquin Provincial Park. Great folks, incredibly beautiful and I love canoeing.


  42. Sam, you might want to make that western Washington or Oregon. Though the other side of the Cascade Mountains has its own particular charms and beauties, serious green ends at the summit of the passes.

    David, isn’t Mt. Doom in New Zealand?

  43. Canada. Visited there a few years ago (Toronto area) and was enchanted by the people. They really *are* more polite than my fellow countrymen, and just plain ol’ nice 😉 A very civilized country.

    Might have to wait for our visit to British Columbia in a year or so before I can choose between there & Ontario tho’…