Saudi religious police arrested 10 girls for being "emo" in a coffee shop in the eastern city of Dammam, after the shop owner reported them for wearing weird fashions and making a lot of noise. A source in the religious police, known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, said the customers noticed the girls "wore black and dark colours, and that they were trying to imitate men."

The girls were detained until their parents signed a pledge that they will not repeat "such violations" and will stay away from fashions that contradict"the conservative Islamic society."

Recently there have been several reports about "individual cases" of young Saudis arrested for adopting the "emo style." In April, newspapers reported that a "gathering of emos in Dammam was foiled" by the religious police.



ALLAH HATES EMO — 3 Comments

  1. that’s rich, coming from guys in dresses.

    On the other hand, the girls probably deserve being photographed and having those photographs returned to them 10 years from now, when they will think “What WAS I thinking? Fashion Felony!”

  2. Yes. If they had been arrested by the Fashion Police I wouldn’t have run the story. They would have got what was coming to them as far as I am concerned.