This is simply a gorgeous sounding album. The ghost of Gram Parsons can be heard in every note. And if, like me, you believe Gram was the bees knees with knobs on, then you are going to enjoy mightily the selection of tunes from it that I have chosen for you tonight.

Phosphorescent, fronted by Matthew Houck, is an indie folk/alt country band. Phosphorescent currently resides in Brooklyn, New York (formerly of Athens, Georgia) and is signed to independent label Dead Oceans.

Before recording under the name Phosphorescent, Matthew Houck traveled the world playing under the moniker Fillup Shack and released the album Hipolit in 2000. Houck later changed his recording name to Phosphorescent, and then released the full-length LP A Hundred Times or More in 2003. The following year, the band released the EP The Weight of Flight. The band received national attention after it released Aw Come Aw Wry in August 2005 and Pride in October 2007. The latter was named the 12th best album of 2007 by Stylus Magazine and received a 8.0 rating from indie tastemakers Pitchfork Media.

The band consists of Matthew Houck plus many others that come and go. (WIKIPEDIA)

Phosphorescent's MYSPACE PAGE.




  1. Jonathan, since I’ve read a rather large number of your superlative music descriptions, I tend to take them with a grain of salt, but this album is seriously good. Is the photo for the purpose of closing the sake?

  2. Re the lower pic, and @Dahveed, w/ his strange predilection for pasty Celtic types: Down, Boy!


  3. My “superlative music descriptions” are always accurate, but, of course, they will only be agreed with by those who like the particular type of music that I am praising. When I was putting this mix together I thought of you, Mimi, as I knew you would love it. I would not expect the same reaction from you if I posted some hardcore punk, no matter how good it was for its genre.

  4. “closing the sale”, not “closing the sake”.

    Jonathan, I’m glad I responded as you intended, luv. As for the rest, I was having a bit of fun.