COMMENT: I think God can be rightfully accused of underachievement with the Virgin Mary thing. I mean, he had to put himself out to rustle up a miracle in order to get Mary in the pudding club without the normal preceding hanky panky. Surely, it wouldn't have taken that much more effort for God to go that little bit further with the magic stuff and bang up a man - one of the chief priests, for example. I think the ladies over the following two thousand years would have really appreciated that one. For a start, millions of them may not have died needlessly if just one misogynist, male religious leader had gone through the experience of having four kilos of flesh and bone force itself out of his belly via a smallish hole between his legs.

Thanks to Ellie for sending this story into MadPriest Towers.



  1. The RC Church strikes again.

    I am pro-life, but there on occasions when saving one life must be the priority.

    Clinical judgment in this case seems to have been the prime cause and concern of Sister McBridge, and she shold be given the credit for the anguish that this must have caused her.

    Perhaps she could be an Anglican Nun.

  2. I hope this is the making if her. I have a feeling we will be hearing a great deal more of R.C. Church may wish it had acted differently.

  3. The Sisters of Mercy were my teachers in high school. They were fine women. The hierarchy has no mercy.

    Remember the 9 year old girl in Brazil who had been repeatedly raped by her father and was pregnant with twins? The mother and the entire medical staff were automatically excommunicated after the twins were aborted, because the girl’s life would have been in danger as she was too tiny to carry twins.

    The father was not excommunicated, because, repeatedly raping your 9 year old daughter is not an excommunicable offence.

  4. Dear Sister McBride:

    I am sad that you recently faced a crises without the support of your church. I wish someone in its hierarchy had the moral courage to understand the problem you faced.

    Now that you are excommunicated by Rome, so are we, we can offer you somethings the Roman Church never offers its women:

    * freedom to make moral decisions based on your own ethical thinking, without having a male check your results
    * the undisputed right to disagree with church policy
    * the undisputed right to help make church policy.

    While Rome was making you an excommunicated former administrator, we were making women bishops.

    You may know that our official position is rather pro-choice. What you may not know is that you are welcome even if you disagree. In fact we like people who disagree with church policy.

    Incidentally, those bright decent young girles who passed by your view and left the church, the ones you wonder about? We can tell you where a lot of the went. We made another excommunicated former Roman a bishop this week.

    You are free now. You can think your own thoughts, make your own decisions, and pick your own road. We are around and not hard to find. We hope you drop by!

    The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.


  5. While the excommunication is ob-freakin-scene . . . isn’t apparent that, by attempting to override the decisions of the *doctors*, the bishop is attempting to practice medicine w/o a license? He’s a threat to women’s lives—ARREST HIM for this!!!

  6. I think a statement of repentance is in order. Perhaps something like this:

    “I do hereby repent of my involvement in saving the life of a mother by helping her with a safe, hospital-based abortion. It was wrong of me and doubly so because it involved a church run hospital and minimal cost for the woman involved.

    I should have waited until the woman was full-term to see if the claim that her pregnancy was life-threatening was indeed a fact. If so I should then have swung into action and arranged a beautiful Mass for her in our church at no cost to her.

    I will not do it agian. Please accept me back into the life (sic) of the Church.”

  7. In what parallel universe could allowing the death of a young woman and her fetus (which would certainly not survive the woman’s death) be considered more “pro-life” than allowing the death of just the fetus? Do these people have any brains?

  8. This makes me really angry!! In this bishop’s mind it was better to let the mother die and the baby with her than for the mother to have an abortion. I would really like to see this old geezer in the same situation.

  9. She can worship with us anytime.

    And you could then tell your bishop that you’d doubled the congregation of Upper St. Ramblington.

  10. I would really like to see this old geezer in the same situation.

    Being of an orthodox bent, I have a feeling that this bishop will find himself, when he pops he clogs, in the same position as the nun he has “automatically” ex-communicated.

  11. I second JimB and JCF.

    This is insane.

    Why is it that most pro-lifers are only pro-life in terms of the unborn child? What about the mother carrying the child? What, is the pregnant woman a corpse or something? One of these days they’ll realize “oh yeah, life also means the people who are already born!”


    wv: cultr

    As in “the man ain’t got no cultr”

  12. life also means the people who are already born!

    Tracie, they fight for some of them as well. The serial killers on death row. It is we bog standard folk in between the two extremes for whom they could give a shit.

  13. According to our paper yesterday, the young mother also was automatically excommunicated for having the temerity to live while her baby died. How nice they were so democratic. Of course, had she died, the fetus would have died also – not the best way to grow the church.

  14. I’m pro-life, but because of idiocy like this (whether from Rome or the evangelical side), I have never had anything to do with the anti-abortion movement, and never will.

    Like Mimi, I went to a high school run by the Sisters of Mercy. They are good souls, and not afraid to do what is right.

  15. I’m pro-life, but because of idiocy like this (whether from Rome or the evangelical side), I have never had anything to do with the anti-abortion movement, and never will.

    Me too, Jim. The Sisters of Mercy taught us to think for ourselves, and I am forever grateful.

  16. The Sisters of Mercy taught us to think for ourselves, and I am forever grateful.

    The rest of us have our reservations about that, of course.

  17. Yes, the Sisters of Mercy aren’t cowards, and they aren’t conformists. They are open to the events of the world and actually willing to “get their hands dirty” working with the homeless, drug addicts, overseas in impoverished parishes,etc. This excommunication may be a PR problem for the Romans, since the nuns are more accessible to ordinary people than are the priests, particularly the bishops. This excommunication also is likely to be seen as unreasonable by a large minority of parish priests, who are more likely to see situations in shades of gray.

  18. I’m – not unsurprisingly – not pro-life. I think there’s enough of it around as is. In fact, I belong to an organization whose motto is “Stamp out life in our lifetime!”