Sexuality figures nowhere in the creeds. It is not mentioned in the church’s liturgies. When godparents witness to a baby’s baptism they do not swear to help to raise the infant as straight.
(Ruth Gledhill, THE TIMES)


QUOTE OF THE DAY — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, my. Our Ruth seems to be learning something about Jesus from “our” side. Will she lose all her sources? Or find out something she wasn’t taught on the “right” side of the issues?

  2. Mark Harris picked up Our Ruth’s article from your post here (and gave you a h/t) — it’s a very good article. It even got some good comments, and you know how rare that is on the Times Online!

  3. When a journalist writes “someone close to the Archbishop of Canterbury” I think that usually means the ABC said something himself, off the record.

    Didn’t Henry Kissinger usually get quoted as “a source close to the Secretary of State” when he was doing the shuttle diplomacy thing in the middle east?

  4. Andrew — yup. I suspect our Rowan is actually that far off the deep end.


    security word is “sucks” 🙂

  5. Dammit!

    I like my people clearly-defined. Ruth is very inconvenient. She says something on the right side one day and the wrong side the next.

    Clearly, she is some sort of commie.