1. Why does every anglicanhumbug release seem to be written by Martyn Minns or Duncan Pitts? Something about flopping fish on a dock that always makes me sad.

  2. Those folks have been on the road so long that they do not recognize it for what it is.

    Just a few blocks from the Arena where the consecration of the two nuevas obispas was celebrated, the Long Beach GLBT community was holding their Pride Celebration. Lots of partying in down town LB, California today.

    And Brother Phelps and his whole clan were there.

    wv = tally
    Tally HOOOOOOoooooo!

  3. I am grateful that Mollie did not live to see her boy Chris make such a laughing stock of himself.

  4. [{{{MP}}} Ala San Fran, prepare a sermon for the birds?]

    Can someone provide some good link to the consecration? [I hope somebody documented the ‘phobes there, too—to prevent denial (kin to Holocaust Denial) later on.]

  5. It’s a sad story actually, DVBB. He stopped talking to his mum when she started hanging around with Mr Humphries.

  6. Jonathan, the whole spectacle of priests and bishops dressing up in silk and lace to celebrate the Lord’s Supper is ridiculous and wrong. What in heaven’s name do silk and lace vestments and gold chalices and patens have to do with the Gospel?

    If you’re going to allow all that, then let the women have their celebration.

  7. I only put on the finery when I am actually at the altar to say the eucharistic prayer to make the point that it is God, not me, that we are honouring.

    I think there is a difference between pomp at the eucharist and pomp honouring humans.

    But, yes, you are right.

  8. Oh well, Maddie, at least Mollie and Mr. Humphries are together now, free to enjoy one another’s company now, away from her meddling son, Chris.