I received the following comment from BRIAN MCMICHAEL on the BY THE TIME THEY GET TO PHOENIX... post. I'm moving it to the front page because I think it deserves a wider audience.

This is what Brian has to say about himself:

You have to admit, Brian has all the hallmarks of an OCICBWer. Mind you, the dog handling and sledging alone would get him an access all areas pass.


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  1. Brian represents the readership I have always dreamed of having. The erudite, intelligent readership I actually deserve.

  2. I’m in charge around here and I will decide who is elevated and who is cast into the pit. And you, Mr A, are standing very close to the edge of the pit at this particular moment in time.

  3. Yes, Dr. Brian seems an impressive and enlightened fellow, but his use of the word “lovely” to describe this little blog confuses me. Perhaps he has being ironic.

  4. Hi, Brian. I am a pathologist at a medical school with a strong geriatrics program with fellowships. From what I have heard, PM&R and palliative care M.D.s are in short supply, so there will be plenty of opportunities. The field also needs creative types who can come up with new types of assists, etc.

    For the rest of the readers, Detroit Receiving Hospital is a major public hospital, probably a level I trauma center (equipped and fully staffed 24-7-365 for severe trauma). No doubt it treats many members of the knife and gun club. Many of my Univ. of Toledo (Ohio) Med. School classmates did residencies in the Detroit region, primarily in old suburbs (Dearborn, long settled by Palestinians and Lebanese).

    Detroit is a perpetually dying city, and the most segregated large to medium sized city in the U.S.. 95%+ of its residents are black. The next county over is close to all white, intentionally so. (Restrictive covenants were struck down by the SCOTUS, but steering by agents and redlining by banks still took place). White people left the city 50 years ago after race riots.