REKERS’ WORLD — 5 Comments

  1. JCF, darling. This is a literature thing. And I can’t dumb down all the while. Sometimes I have to provide stuff for my more cultured readers such as Our Trace.

  2. Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett = funniest damn fantasy novels I have ever read in my life.

    Money quotes:

    “Don’t just stand there, you daft bitch, help me up!”
    – Cohen the Barbarian

    This damn door sticks
    This damn door sticks
    It sticks no matter what the hell I do
    It’s marked “Pull” and indeed I am pulling
    Perhaps it should be marked “Push”?
    – Opera lyrics from Maskerade


  3. PS: To some degree, yes, this has elements of gaming to it, because indeed, there is a Discworld computer game and yes, Joe has it.

    I don’t game. I leave that to him. But he is the one who introduced me to the Discworld novels.