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  1. Oh Lord: now you’re pimping Magog, too? [So help me, if I see “Follow Me on Twitter!” ’round here, I’m gone!]

  2. So help me, if I see “Follow Me on Twitter!” ’round here, I’m gone!

    Okay, everybody. Don’t all rush at once!

  3. Wow! THAT’S why the Earth shook…and who said a leopard can’t change his spots…good for you for being open minded.

  4. I have no idea if it will work out, Larry. I miss the live chat of the early days and Chin Wag has turned into a place for stuff that doesn’t “fit” on the OCICBW… page. I think this will be my last attempt at reviving the past.

  5. I’ve joined but I don’t see anything. What happens? Do you have to click on something else? Is there a little door you have to bend down and go through?

  6. Don’t ask me, Boaz. I have no idea.
    It’s seems very quiet over there, so I think I may have messed something up.

  7. Jonathan, you know I miss the live chat of the early days, but I don’t need another online place to visit. I simply don’t have time. I seldom go to Facebook, except to respond to messages, and I don’t join any Facebook groups. None. Nevertheless, with all my heart, I wish you success in your new venture.

    Before you get annoyed at me, I ask you: If I set up a Facebook group, would you join?

  8. I’ve been on facebook longer than anybody. I’m linked to all the usual suspects. So, yes, you old misery, of course, I would have you as a friend.

    And I only set up this new site because of your whinging!

    Typical woman.

  9. No, no, no, no, no! I’m already your Facebook friend, you poor misery, and you don’t even know it. You’ve set up a group. That’s different from a friend. I don’t join Facebook groups.

    Why don’t you start a conversation at Facebook with the people who are already your friends? Just write something. Why do you have to start a group? Why does it have to be private? If someone gives you grief, de-friend them so they can’t annoy you.

    Some of my good friends love chatting on FB, but it truly does not suit me, or I would go there more. I use the site mainly for private conversation, sort of like email. It’s the surest way for me to communicate with my daughter, who seldom answers her phone.

  10. All right. I’m a pain in the ass.

    I just wonder why you don’t try writing something on Facebook to see if a conversation starts. I thought that was a helpful suggestion. My FB friends have long conversations and threads running on FB. Why not you? Why not try the simple way at first? You may not agree, but I think I’m being quite helpful.

  11. Because that would be giving in to the New World Order in which everybody chats inanely about the weather whilst the fat cats screw us.

  12. At least, you wouldn’t need comment moderation, and the conversation could continue after you went to bed. We had good things going while you were asleep. Those were some of the best times in the comments at the old OCICBW.

  13. I doubt it.

    I think we are in the Blogging endtimes. Amateur bloggers have been lured away by facebook and blogging is now been taken over by the media. You only have to look at Jim the Spin and the Episcopal Cafe to see the whole history of blogging – its hijacking by the very organisations we used to call to account.

    I’m an entertainer not a gossip. I don’t do chat very well. Perhaps I have to be the centre of attention.

    Like you, I miss my old friends.

    I’m going to give it to next Sunday, when I become unemployed in real life. If I haven’t changed my mind about the death of the blogosphere by then, I will pack it all in and disappear.

  14. I think it’s only quiet over there because everyone is getting used to the idea. Chin Wag took a little while to take off. I don’t think Chin Wag is just a place where the stuff that can’t be posted publicly gets put by the way – people do post quite a variety of stuff there. It always feels to me as if something is going on. Just my two cents’ worth.

  15. You must be kidding. Shut down OCICBW? I can’t cope with this, my internet connection has stopped working properly and I’m using my little computer I can hardly type on.

    As far as I can see the blogosphere is alive and well and there are still plenty of bloggers out there holding the usual suspects to account. The fact that the media is trying desperately to get in on the act is neither here nor there. The media is desperate altogether at the moment, at least newspapers are, and willing to try anything that will keep them afloat a few decades longer. They haven’t taken over blogging, just tried to join in.

    That’s what I think, anyway. For what my opinion is worth.

  16. If I haven’t changed my mind about the death of the blogosphere by then, I will pack it all in and disappear.

    Jonathan, I hope that’s depression talking, and not you.

    Quite often, I want to quit, too, but I think I may be doing a bit of good. OCICBW. I think you do quite a lot of good. Perhaps for the good of others…?

  17. The thing is Cathy, people used to discuss the posts and there was a real sense of us all be in it together, fighting for change.

    I know lots of people still read my blog, but it’s quite useless as an agent of change if it no longer shows consensus.

    They used to complain about the OCICBW… crowd.Now they just view the blog as just me and they can dismiss me as a lone, mad voice. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the Church has got rid of me now. I think it is because they dare to now.

  18. how long ago are we talking? I think there was a change when you switched to the new blog and comment moderation. People couldn’t see their comment right away so they couldn’t chat. Quite often I post and then if you’re obviously not about I go away and come back later. It’s harder to hold a conversation with people. I noticed a difference in the number of people posting comments and in who was posting. Or do you mean further back?

  19. If it is depression, what can I suggest, except that you have to fight it by whatever means works, including meds, and I can’t I’m sure tell you anything about that that you don’t already know?

    Please tell me by pack it all in you just mean the blog? … Which I hope you won’t do anyway?

  20. I’ve never been suicidal, if that’s what you mean.

    And it’s not the illness I had before. It’s just the realisation that they won and I lost. Of course, I always knew that would be the final score, but it’s still a desolate place to be.

  21. Yes, that is what I meant. I am glad to hear it.

    From your perspective I know it must seem final but it doesn’t look quite so final from outside, not from where I’m standing. I am sure it feels as if you are being blackballed but even if you are you are not powerless. And that may not be what is happening.

    It seems to me though the one way you could hand them victory is by shutting down the blog. Unless you’re thinking that if you did that it might more easily open the door to a job somewhere?

  22. it seems to me your blog is immensely powerful, not only because it is widely read (and gets noticed a lot by the media as well) but also because it is one blog of many voices criticising the church from within and each time you diminish the number of voices you diminish the power of all. So even if there is a fluctuation in the numbers commenting at this point in time that does not and should not mean your blog has lost its power.

  23. Do you feel a responsibility to anyone else to keep going? I do, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

    My word verification is “crotch”. I think it’s a message.

  24. MadPriest, where are you? Don’t go.

    This sounds as if it has been coming for a while but at least let your faithful readers say what they think, over the couree of the next couple of days.quil


    You cannot be surprised that Chin Wag has become the repository of stuff that may be a bit too risque or politically contentious for the open blog. That was part of the reason behind which it was created. In similar fashion you cannnot then expect that materiel to be discussed in the same way as it became a limited list of people who were accesing it, who in one vein or another were deemed ‘safe’ and thereby you reduce the capacity for debate. You are not going to get a great deal of debate from people who broadly agree with you…and Cathys point about responsivity is key. It is difficult to respond passionately when that rsponse may not appear for hours. If you sincerely wish to revive the past then go back to the format that was and live with the complications it brings. I know I would be happier with it as was.

  26. They used to complain about the OCICBW… crowd.Now they just view the blog as just me and they can dismiss me as a lone, mad voice.

    I’m confused: who’s “they”?

    In my personal history w/ OCICBW, I lurked for my first 6 months or so here. I was literally intimidated by the effing brilliance of so many of y’all (starting w/ Our Fearless Host-But-Not-Leader, of course).

    I still feel that way.

    Then I realized, even if I’m NOT brilliant, even if I DON’T get the jokes half the time, was no reason to not share what part of “this little light o’ mine” that I DO have.

    If you ever DO “pack [OCICBW] in”, expect nagging emails from me, to restore it (And I’ve seen it too many times before: Fr Jake couldn’t stay away, and Toujourdan couldn’t last blog-less for even 6 months. You’ll miss our bitchy arses too much if you leave, MP. You have been warned! ;-p)

    But I do miss the “Live Conversations” of No Moderation. Friggin’ trolls…

  27. Thank you Andrewdb.

    You’ll miss our bitchy arses too much if you leave, MP. You have been warned! ;-p)

    Totally agreed.

    I agree with Themethatisme too – (how are you by the way, Themethatisme? how’s that kinky bowel?) – maybe a return to non-moderated comments is needed. I can live with a couple of troll idiots if it means keeping the blog alive. It would also make proper conversations so much easier.

    As for your old friends, Mad Priest, can’t you invite them back? Why can’t your old friends and new friends co-exist?

  28. There really isn’t any conflict between being on FB and being here. I do both. My observation would be that the sort of people who like FB also like commenting at blogs – it’s the case with everyone I know. Tell them you miss them. Why not?

    Is one of the problems that once you feel you are not working as a priest, at least for now, then the MadPriest identity becomes too complicated? … If you don’t mind my asking?

  29. My thought is, that if we want more of a flowing conversation on OCICBW, we should go back to unmoderated comments, with an agreement between all the regulars that the trolls are to be utterly and completely ignored until such time as MadPriest can come along and delete their comments out of existence.

  30. Most of our old friends are at Facebook.

    We’re here, Jonathan.

    Why can’t your old friends and new friends co-exist?

    Cathy, there’s no reason why they can’t. A good many who once visited OCICBW and WB have mostly given up visiting blogs, or at least mine and Jonathan’s. The action for them is on Facebook, which suits them better now.

    I’m not at Facebook enough to know, but does anyone have long, meaningful discussions over there?

  31. Mimi, I think FB is completely useless for long meaningful discussions. You can do one-on-one chat easily enough if you want instant response, but there’s nothing where a large group can join in. Blogs are much better for that.

  32. Cathy, FB seems like a hit and run place for trivia. I can play the game, but I’m really not interested. As I’ve said, I use it mostly for personal messages, and I don’t join groups, except that I now seem to be in Jonathan’s group, but I probably won’t be around much.

    I don’t understand FB. There’s too much there, and I can’t focus.

  33. FB is immensely useful for tracking down people you haven’t seen for years and it is quite a good way of letting all your friends know what you’re up to without contacting them all separately, say, if you’re on holidays or re an important event. It has its good points. It’s also a useful alternative to email sometimes. But meaningful discussions are not its forte.

  34. PS shame you’re not going to be around Jonathan’s group much though, Mimi – I was relying on you to bring the vodka.

  35. Vodka?
    That moonshine spirit she illegally distils from polk salad leaves is the best you can hope for. And she’ll probably want paying for that.

  36. Mimi wants to be paid for the polk salad moonshine?

    Outrageous. Last I saw she was liberally handing out crates of it for free. Maybe her game was to get us all hooked. Well, I know I am.

    Shame on you, Mimi.

  37. I wonder if Jonathan will be around FB much. I don’t know. Perhaps he will like it better than blogging.

    If you want to know the truth of it, I really, really don’t like FB. I respond to messages and wall posts, and that is it. I could do without it completely, because there are other ways that folks can reach me.

    Jonathan, shutting down your blog and cutting yourself off from what’s left of the blogging community at this time would be one of the worst things you could do. Just post occasionally, and if you’re not up to being your usual brilliant, witty self, then that’s okay. Just keep the lines of communication open, please.

  38. Cathy, the truth is she’s got a lot more mercenary since she started hanging out with those bishop friends of hers.

  39. Jonathan, why not call someone in the diocesan offices and ask what pastoral care they offer to priests in your circumstances? Annoy them, even if you know that they don’t offer anything. Make them tell you that they have nothing to offer. Shame them.

    What’s wrong with taking the measure of the man who is my bishop? I hope that I helped in some way to prevent Bp. Michael Smith from being elected. I tried.

  40. Jonathan, shutting down your blog and cutting yourself off from what’s left of the blogging community at this time would be one of the worst things you could do. Just post occasionally, and if you’re not up to being your usual brilliant, witty self, then that’s okay. Just keep the lines of communication open, please.

    I agree with this absolutely, Mad Priest.

    (PS, The rumour that I agree with everything Mimi says now in the hope of getting my hands on free moonshine is merely a slander put about by those who envy me)

  41. Oh, come now, Mrs Butler. You have to admit that most of the photographs we get to see of you, you are either standing next to some episcopal type or snogging some woman.

  42. Who’ve you been snogging, Mimi? (Just curious)

    Was it part of trying to get her hooked on moonshine?

  43. Cathy, at our very first bloggers meet-up in New York, Elizabeth Kaeton and I staged a kiss on the lips with the cameras flashing, but none of the pictures came out. Many cameras and two retakes, and not one picture came out.