These are the stats for the constituency in which I live and vote.

The good news is that the Tories were well stuffed as usual. The incredibly bad news is that the British National Party received more than twice as many votes as those nice Green people. But then, I did warn them. If you don't let ordinary people voice their concerns in a mainstream environment then they are going to express them by voting for, or even fully supporting, the extremists. And, of course, this does not just apply to white people. If you ask a militant Islamist youth in England why he or she became an extremist, part of the answer you are given will always include a complaint about not being listened to and not being taken seriously. The Grand Tufti actually advised the political parties that they shouldn't allow immigration to be discussed in the run up to the elections. What he should be doing is taking a leaf out of Bishop Tutu's book and organising safe places where the worries of the people, whatever their ethnic or cultural background, can be expressed freely and without fear of censure by the left wing and liberal controlling elite.



  1. Good reason to remind folks that a 58% turnout rate is simply insufficient. That Yeat’s line about “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity” comes to mind.

  2. This is a very similar result to my own electorate (Walthamstow) which has been solidly Labour for I don’t know how long and where the Tories similarly got hung out to dry. We don’t have BNP though (thank God). Our Green candidate did about as well as yours. Trailing well behind him were the Socialists and the Christian Party.

    The Guardian also has the figures for the 1992 election in Newcastle Upon Tyne East and back then the Green candidate got 124 votes more than this time round. Mind you, that’s not much of a difference, so whoever the BNP is taking those votes from it’s not the Greens.

    This morning we had some headline about “Balls foils Tory mission to ‘castrate’ Labour” followed by Nick Clegg’s chief of staff Danny Alexander rambling on about “premature election speculation”. It’s not nice for politicians who are afflicted with these things, I suppose.

  3. I think you have pointed out something that elite (in their own minds at least) people often forget. Conflict, the expression of disagreement, and argument are necessities in a democratic polity.

    Not understanding that is precisely where the curial model in the (non) Global South’s recent fantasy session will fail, it is where Dr. Williams demonstrates his inability to lead anyone and it is why so much of our politics on both sides of the pond have become venomous.

    Over here we have the absolute mess that is Roe v Wade as horrible examples. On your side of the pond, we have Dr. Williams (the idiot) trying to limit debate. Further East one need only consider the fate of the former “People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.” Conflict suppression never works.



  4. Suppose that Dr. Williams once again thinks he knows something about ignoring a volitale situation that will make it go away…he´s not just afraid to speak up and be a moral authority, he´s afraid to speak at all (and when he does it takes a translator to understand him even in England/Wales).

    Really, can´t we start having some leadership with COMMON sense (no, that wouldn´t mean someone little Lord Carey of Clifton)?

  5. Similar here right next door… (Yes,I aten’t dead yet!) BNP chaps got 4% of the vote, just over 1800 votes. It needs to be talked about freely. They inevitably show themselves up for what they are and people do realise eventually. Barking, where thwey took 12 council seats at the last locals today has precisely 0 BNP councillors.

  6. Well, the Mad Hatter of Kent is certainly NO Desmond Tutu. Even back when Rowan was an Anglican he was no Desmond Tutu. Anybody heard when he’s leaving by the way?

    I sure hope we Episcopalians are done paying for his “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” down in Kent. I’d much rather we sent the funds to Haiti. Or perhaps we could establish an Episcopalian Mission at Newcastle upon Tyne, where is that anyhow? We’re awful with geography over here you know…

  7. Wade, Newcastle is north of Sweden, just short of the Arctic Circle. You can only get there and travel around it by sled, drawn by either reindeer or huskies, or specially trained nubile Amazon women.

  8. Or strapping blokes, I hasten to add.

    MadPriest, if you haven’t been getting your sled-pulling women from Amazon, where have you been getting them from?

  9. Astounding what you can get from the Co-Op these days.

    You could always go back to reindeer. I believe if you wear your Santa suit you automatically get off all speeding and parking fines. And reindeer are nowhere near as high-maintenance.

  10. Oh dear (literally) MadPriest, you may have to kindly ask yourself to kindly leave the stage again with that one.

  11. we’re both going to have to kindly leave the stage, and not a moment before time, before the audience asks for their money back.

    wv – ounonse. That’s what you talk!

  12. Indeed Cathy? It sounds a lot like Maine! I’ll take the strapping blokes. We go about with sleds here quite a lot, well not here in Portland. We hardly get snow down here these days. I think it’s because of that Global Warming hoax…

  13. I’ll take the strapping blokes.

    A wise choice, Wade – from what Mad Priest says, the women cost him a lot of money. Both the blokes and Amazon woman are temperamental, of course, and the reindeer can be prima donnas too – the whole Santa thing has really gone to their heads. You need nice plain old huskies if you really want fuss-free sled-pulling.

  14. David, husky certainly counts, but are you sure you wouldn’t rather take a leaf out of the Mad Priest book and employ your own sledding team of fit Amazon ladies? …